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10-Year-Old Powerlifter Jordan Mika Scores 83.9-Kg (185-Pound) Deadlift Without a Belt – Breaking Muscle

Mika is redefining the boundaries of what a young powerlifter should be able to do.

At age 10, many children probably don’t think about lifting heavy objects and lifting them repeatedly. When they’re not in fifth grade class, they might be outside riding their bikes or watching anime while eating a “yummy” bowl of sugary cereal. Powerlifter Jordan Mika can still do these things whenever he gets the chance, but he’s certainly rare in terms of building up his strength in the gym at a young age.

On January 17, 2023, a parent/manager running a public Instagram account for Micah successfully shared footage of the young man Completing an 83.9-kilogram (185-pound) Beltless Deadlift, Not only does 10-year-old Micah lock his barbell in a totally raw position without a belt, but he makes the lift look effortless and shows no sign of struggle or hesitation. According to open powerliftingThis pull easily surpassed Mika’s all-time raw competition best of 85 kg (187.4 lb).

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Micah’s heavy deadlift is part of ongoing preparation for the 2023 USA Powerlifting (USAPL) Third Street Barbell Open. As a youth competitor, he will currently compete in his usual youth division at the Third Street Barbell Gym in Sacramento, CA, at a competition scheduled for February 4, 2023. Mika will compete in the 52 kg (114 lb) weight class. Notably, his competition category during the 2021 competitive year was 47 kg (105 lb) and he moved to the 52 kg category in 2022.

According to Micah’s parent/manager on Instagram, he takes his time with his training and never fully fears the risk of damaging his long-term health. The young man is clearly a multi-sport athlete who also focuses on being an accomplished wrestler, and usually takes about two to three months off from lifting weights to allow his body to fully recover. When he returns to strength training, he always starts at “square one” — a barbell with no added weight — and slowly works his way back to a stronger place.

“Jordan never tries to pick up where he left off. This is the strength journey of a lifetime.

In the run-up to his upcoming competition, Mika’s competitive history is impressive at a glance, regardless of his youth. According to open powerliftingOne of the notable contests of Micah’s career came during the 2021 USAPL Warcats Iron Initiative. He secured the first position in the Youth 47 kg weight category. He followed that win by repeating his first-place success at the 2021 USAPL California State Championships, and did the same again during the 2021 USAPL WarCat Open.

The upcoming USAPL Third Street Barbell Open tournament in early February 2023 will be Mika’s first competition of 2023. This will also be his first competition since the August 2022 USAPL California State Championships, where Micah improved his squat (72.5 kg/160 lb), bench press (37.5 kg/82.7 lb), deadlift (85 kg/187 lb), and total. (195 kg/430 lb).

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It is clear that Mika is not like other kids his age. As he continues to build an impressive early powerlifting career, his extensive journey is only just beginning.

Featured Image: @jordan_mica on Instagram



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