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2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Mirror Moment Hair Wrap Towel

Treating yourself (or others) this holiday season starts with our premium Microfiber Hair Wrap Towels. Fit for all hair types, this luxuriously soft towel is a hair care game-changer and time-saver. Crafted with an elastic band in the back to help keep the towel in place, this gift adds an extra element of fun to any hair care routine while helping to prevent breakage and reduce drying time — leaving more time for holiday cookies.

best seller collection

Introduce your loved ones to the magic of AURA with our new best sellers collection – no personalization required! Curated by our experts, this line of hair care products is crafted to feature some of our most loved formulas and hair target combinations, like Smooth, Repair and Color Protect. For that friend of yours who likes to switch up her hair color, you can also opt for our best-selling pigmented mask infused with some of our most popular semi-permanent pigments, like Fuji Fuchsia and Arctic Grey. Explore the entire collection here to find the perfect fit for you or besties.

mirror moment hair clip

These dreamy hair clips are a great stocking stuffer for any hair care lover. Designed to hold hair in place with ease, these four clips are perfect for holding wet or dry hair in place while styling your next holiday party look. They can also be used to help you section your hair to get the exact color results you want while coloring your strands. Plus, these eco-friendly clips are made from 40% plant fiber and 60% recycled plastic and they come on a cardboard tray that’s 100% recyclable.

Our AURA Mirror Moments hair wrap towels, Mirror Moments hair clips, scalp massager, and shampoo on the bathroom counter in front of the pink tile back splash.

mirror moment wide tooth comb

Your giftee will be able to detangle easily with our eco-conscious wide-tooth comb made from 40% plant fiber and 60% recycled plastic. A lovely gifting option for all hair types, its snag-free teeth gently comb through strands to help prevent frizz caused by breakage. This enchanting addition to any styling routine can be used on dry hair as a daily styling tool or can be used to help evenly distribute our mask or conditioner while we’re in the shower. No matter how your loved ones choose to use it, they’ll enjoy the comfortable handle and attractive purple color.

Balayage Highlighting Kit

Spice up the holidays with our Balayage Highlighting Kit. Made with bonding technology and conditioning oils so it’s gentle on your lovely locks, it’s the perfect gift for anyone looking for that effortless “just got back from a beach getaway” look. Our professional-grade highlighting kit uses a freehand technique for effortless application with stunning results where the sun will naturally lighten your strands.

AURA INSIGHT: Go the extra mile and get our Balayage Highlighting Kit bundled with our application brush and mixing bowl (both made from 40% plant fibers and 60% recycled plastic). Then, plan an evening where you do each other’s hair as a fun activity for you and your loved one – the added gift of quality time!

However you celebrate the holidays, AURA is here to add the gift of luxurious self-care for everyone on your list (including you). For more gift ideas, tutorials, hair inspo, and exclusive tips, be sure to follow us on TikTok and Instagram @aurahaircare.



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