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21 anniversary date ideas, from big surprises to fun and cheap

Have a romantic game night.

Hear us out on this one: Did you know that there are tons of games specifically designed for couples? From sexy board games to turn up the heat to cute card games that help you get to know each other better, several of these couples games can make for a very unique anniversary date night.

Take a candle making class.

Nothing says romance like candles, and what’s better than making your own? Candle making is something different, and it gives you and your partner the opportunity to be practical and creative at the same time. And of course, at the end of class you can take your candles home and use them to set the scene for the next part of the evening…

Go mountain climbing

OK, so this doesn’t scream “romance,” but hear me out. Stepping out of your comfort zone together can be really exciting! Especially if you and your partner have been together for a long time, seeing them doing something a little out of the ordinary can be a strong arousal. Plus, after you’ve used up your muscles and are a little sore and tired, you can massage each other when you get home.

Make pottery together.

Think: That Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore scene Evil spirit, Lots of pottery studios offer events where you and your boo can sip on a glass of wine while you make beautiful vases together. For an added romantic twist, you can inscribe the date of your anniversary and your name on the creations and fill them with fresh flowers on your subsequent anniversary. Some events are held in groups, but for an additional fee you can often rent the entire studio so you can have more privacy to be extra goy and savvy-confessed while you create your masterpieces.

Go to a lecture or panel discussion.

Pick a topic you’re passionate about or interested in learning more about and go to a lecture or public talk about it. Your local museum, university, city hall, or bookstore are all places to check for upcoming events. Go out for drinks together after the lecture and discuss what you’ve learned and engage in friendly debate.

Rent a karaoke room.

The important part here isn’t just the karaoke; It really is the feel of having a private room to unleash your inner Ariana Grande. You can choose to sing all the songs that remind you of your boo or your relationship, sing romantic duets, and generally sing in between songs without fear of sounding off.



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