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A Look at My 2022 Goals

I dreaded opening my January 1st post of last year because I had completely forgotten what goals I had chosen to work on. The only thing I remembered was that I wanted to eat more fiber. Usually, it goes like this–I write down a few goals and then in the long run, I focus on one of them. Not ideal, but definitely better than nothing!

I am curious how I have accomplished the goals I set for myself a year ago. So, here they are… and my thoughts on them.

1. Lose the weight I had gained between 2018-2020.

I started last year at 161 pounds and I *really* hoped to get down to 130-135, but I didn’t set a realistic goal. I planned to focus on eating more fiber instead of trying to cut things down.

Thoughts: I’ve definitely reached this goal! Well, by “of course” I really mean it, haha. I briefly got down to 125, but have gained 15 pounds since then. I wish I could say I was surprised, but I’ve never been able to do maintenance work. I will be happy if I can do that.

This is a comparison of my first weigh-in in 2022 (157.6) and my last weigh-in in 2022 (140.4). I didn’t think I’d notice a difference, but looking at them side by side, I certainly do.

However, I never expected to make such a huge change in my diet. thorough! First, I started eating a lot more fiber and that alone made a huge difference in the foods I ate (healthy of course). Then in late January, I became a vegetarian for ethical reasons and it changed my diet dramatically (again, for the better). After going vegan for about a year, I feel better than ever – the biggest change is that I eliminated my chronic pain. I never thought this would be possible.

I also wanted to drink four liters of water every day and of course I failed. I did really well for a while, knowing that if I didn’t drink lots of water while eating so much fiber, I was going to get a stomachache. When I was running regularly, it was very easy for me to drink four liters of water every day; Several years ago, it was not unusual for me to drink even more than that! This is something I constantly need to work on because I always feel better when I am well hydrated.

Overall I think I succeeded in this goal. My weight is in a healthy range and my food choices are better than ever. Although I still need to drink more water.

2. Run at least three miles three days a week.

Thoughts: It failed from the start. I’m not sure what happened – I don’t really want to go back and sift through your posts – but I only ran a few times in early January and sporadically since then. I did well in February and March, then a few weeks in August and in September.

Getting into a routine and continuing a good streak is the hardest part. It’s so easy to take off! Running three miles three days a week doesn’t take much time; There’s no reason I couldn’t do it (unless I was injured, I guess). I had a really tough time juggling a lot of things in 2022, and running wasn’t at the top of my priority list. Hopefully I can make it back this year!

3. Work on practicing people’s love languages.

Thoughts: I was certainly more conscious of it, but I didn’t keep it in the front of my mind; I could have done better. I’m especially bad with physical touch, which is Jerry’s love language. It’s not that I cringe at the idea of ​​holding hands, hugging, kissing, etc., but I never think about it! It doesn’t cross my mind to do those things (unless it’s a habit like hugging and kissing him before he leaves for work). I really want to work on it–I want her to feel loved, even though I tell her off all the time.

I was definitely more aware of love languages ​​with my kids and I worked hard to practice them. The main focus was when they were talking to me so I made sure I ignored any distractions. If I was writing a blog post, for example, and they wanted to ask me a question or tell me something, I shut down my computer and give them my full attention.

5 Love languages ​​are a wonderful concept. If you haven’t read the book, I highly recommend it! It’s a short read and it really is life changing. (I wrote a review of the book here)

4. Despite chronic pain, start moving your body first thing in the morning.

Thoughts: I used to be inactive in the morning because that’s when my pain was at its worst. I had difficulty doing anything, especially walking or using my hands. This goal didn’t really come into effect until a few months later, once I realized my chronic pain was gone. I never would have believed that eating a vegan diet would get rid of my pain, but there’s really no other explanation.

I used to have a hard time getting out of bed–it was so painful trying to sit up and then standing up–but I don’t have a problem with it anymore. I wish I could say that I started my day by being active first thing, but frankly, I didn’t. I’m definitely productive, though– I don’t need to sit for an hour and a half before I can be active. I start my day early.

5. Work on people skills.

Thoughts: I’ve always been socially awkward and shy, so people skills have never been my forte. I wanted to learn how to make small talk and feel more natural when talking to people I don’t know.

I’m doing really well with this! To others, this may not seem like much; But I have been knowingly talking to strangers in public places (in stores, in waiting rooms, basically wherever the opportunity presents itself). I still overthink everything–I have to hype myself up to say something, but I always feel better after a conversation.

I actually had a conversation with a guy about talking in waiting rooms when I was in the waiting room for therapy, haha. There the waiting room is usually empty, or there’s only one person in there–and it looks weird! Now everyone in the waiting room just takes out their phone and plays with their apps. It got me thinking about what waiting rooms were like before smart phones; Most of the waiting rooms I’ve been in still have a magazine rack and it makes me wonder if people ever read them. Anyway, I picked it up and we actually had a nice chat for a few minutes. It felt a lot less awkward than sitting in the waiting room with another person and being in complete silence.

Overall, I consider this goal a success. I can keep working on it, but I’ve improved a lot.

Well, it really wasn’t that bad! Apart from the goal of my running, the goals could not be measured; So my results were more on a spectrum than a solid succeed/fail. I am very happy with what I did.

Next year, it will be interesting to see my goals for this year. Since I used the SMART method to set my goals, this would be a hit/fail result. That’s not to say I can’t improve, because I certainly can. But since goals can be measured, I may have either accomplished it or not. I guess we’ll find out in 12 months! ,



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