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AURA Creator Spotlight: Meet Si Chonchasit

1. Aura: Hi Sai! Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us today. To begin with, we would like to know what are your most important achievements as a creative so far?

Si Chonchasit: My greatest accomplishment has been touring the US with two national Broadway tours! Growing up, I didn’t see many people who looked like me doing musical theater, so I’m glad to represent for Asian and queer musical theater lovers across the country.

2. Aura: when did you just Know You wanted to be an actor, dancer and singer?

And: I was that kid who used to participate in every talent show in school and all I knew was that I wanted to be in the industry. Even though my parents were not 100% in agreement with the idea of ​​me becoming an artist, they were very generous with the cost of art, dance and music lessons. Because of these different classes and exposure to different types of art, I was able to focus my attention on being good at what I love.

Credit: SY Chounchasit

3. Aura: What first inspired you to take your shot at photography?

And: To admit it is kind of stupid! I started doing photography mainly because I didn’t want to spend $800+ on a professional actor headshot.

I love changing my hair color and style, but because headshot sessions are so expensive, I feel restricted to changing and expressing my look as often as I really like. After a while taking self-portraits and posting them on social media, I started taking on clients.

4. Aura: What aspects of being born and raised in Thailand define who you are today?

And: Being an immigrant is a big part of my identity because if you know how the immigration process works, you understand how difficult it is to live and work in America if you weren’t born here.

I also settled here alone so I had to learn how to do things for myself. Being from Thailand, a Buddhist country, especially helped me live life humbly and respectfully (and with a smile).

I also think Thai people are hilarious, so a lot of my humor comes from that.

5. Aura: We love that you have been through a lot and have kept your smile shining through it all. Did you face any challenges in Bangkok when deciding to start your career as an artist and creative?

And: I moved to America when I was in high school and have been here ever since. I decided to live here because I spent most of my youth here and feel more comfortable living here than in Bangkok. Also, the theater scene in Thailand isn’t huge and I’ve already made connections here so it didn’t make sense for me to go home.

6. Aura: How do you incorporate your heritage into your daily life?

And: I love cooking, especially Thai food. My mom isn’t the best cook so I had to rely heavily on recipe books and YouTube videos. It got me really thinking about the details of each ingredient and why we do what we do in Thai cuisine. I often share my love for cooking with my friends here in NYC.

7. Aura: If you could give one piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be?

And: I tell myself to put those boxes of hair dye and bleach kits back on the shelf.

8. Aura: This is great advice that everyone can relate to. Do you have a favorite up and coming creator everyone should be watching?

My favorite creator at the moment is Jess Tran (@jessglistening). He’s an Aussie with a cool style and jaw-dropping apartment in NYC.

9. Aura: We’ll definitely have to check them out! Who is your biggest inspiration? Why else?

And: My photographer hero, Lindsey Adler. Not only does she have a very unique vivacious style, but she is also a very accomplished professional in a male-dominated industry.

10. Aura: How would you describe your personal style?

And: Colorful things from the thrift store.

Image split into three pictures.  Sy demonstrates the process of enhancing her look using her personal pigmented mask in Irish Lilac.  Image shows before, application and result.

1 1 Aura: We love that you experimented with different hair colors. What would you say is your signature hairstyle or look?

And: I loved the pink bob for the longest time but I recently did a major chop. I actually think this Irish lilac purple pixie cut fits my personality even more. My friend described this look as a “lavender oat milk latte.”

12. Aura: We may have to use that name! So, how would you describe your daily hair routine?

And: For everyday styling, I spray my hair with water and then apply some pomade to damp hair. I do not like to wash my hair every day as I try to maintain the bright color. For wash day, which is basically every five days, I’ll use my AURA Ritual to take care of my scalp and color.

13. Aura: What’s the best beauty tip you’ve ever received?

And: Never sleep with makeup on, even if you are really tired.

14. Aura: Since you’re an AURA manufacturer, we’re wondering what’s your favorite AURA product?

And: Mask is my favorite product! I was able to customize the product to fit my hair concerns and add pigment to maintain my hair color.

15. Aura: What goals are represented in your AURA ritual?

And: Scalp care, color protection, and repair. Since I have to bleach my hair to meet Fantasy Pigment, scalp care is my number one concern!

Image by C Chonchasit.  Sy's photo with a short bob haircut dyed bright hot pink.  She is wearing a multi-coloured dress which flows sensibly in the summer breeze.
Credit: SY Chounchasit

16. Aura: At AURA we believe hair is powerful and personal beauty can lead you to endless possibilities. What do you believe in infinite possibilities?

And: Believing in yourself and celebrating your achievements!

17. Aura: Thank you very much for taking the time to answer these questions, he!

Is there anything else you would like to promote or share?

And: If you’re in NYC and want your headshots or portraits taken, hit me up @syasac! Or if you have any questions about me – feel free to contact! Also, I use he/she pronouns.

We hope this sit-down with the unforgettable Si Chaunchasit leaves you feeling radiant and inspired to take on the world and live life to the fullest. For more AURA creator spotlight, tips & tricks, and hair tutorials, follow @aurahaircare on Instagram and TikTok.



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