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Chris Bumstead: “All I Want To Do Is Win Olympias.” Busts Any Arnold Classic Rumors – Breaking Muscle

Bumstead has only his eyes on the grand prize of bodybuilding.

After winning his fourth consecutive Classic Physique Olympia title in December 2022, members of the bodybuilding world are speculating about Chris Bumstead’s future. While the bodybuilder has previously hinted at plans to continue his Olympia lineage – as he recovers from a torn right biceps muscle – veterans such as 1983 Mr. Olympia Samir Bannout have expressed interest in trying their hand at the men’s open division at the 2023 Arnold Classic. Bumstead advocated for (AC) This March. While rumors have been swirling about what’s next for the 27-year-old superstar, Bumstead was recently a bit more candid about his career goals.

On January 27, 2023, Bumstead posted a video on his YouTube channel in which he attempted to outline his current competitive mindset. In the process, before he considered a change of division or competing in competitions, the athlete said that is his mission for the foreseeable future. Adding more Olympia titles to your trophy case,

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Despite his dominance in the classic physique division, Bumstead doesn’t feel that he is above his peers. According to the athlete, his current schedule gives him the opportunity to focus on recovery and subsequent Olympia training. In return, he gets the advantage he feels is needed to win Olympia.

Whereas if Bumstead puts itself out there for competition like AC, he said it would disrupt the successful cadence they have established.

“… because I won Olympia, I qualify [to compete in the Olympia contest] for life,” Bumstead explained. “I think it benefits me a lot because I can take three months off [post-Olympia] to really give my body a rest, to recover and rest, and then I can come into my off-season, slowly ease into it and make the changes and growth that I need, and Then I can start preparing. Then, I don’t have to worry about other shows in between.”

If Bumstead ever worked up to a solid performance in the AC, it would shorten her recovery time and potentially hinder her Olympia chances. The athlete will really only have a month of rest after the AC before jumping back into Olympia-focused training and nutrition plans.

Until further notice, it doesn’t look like Bumstead is ready to make any sacrifices. He is single-handedly involved in his bodybuilding efforts to create an Olympia legacy.

,[Doing the AC] I’ll have a month to recover, a month off-season, and then I’ll be preparing for three months [for the Olympia], I’ll just be super-quick in that cycle with no downtime, and I really want my body to stay young, rested, and young,” Bumstead elaborated. “I’m on stage old, tired, green. And don’t want to start off looking injured. I only want to win Olympias. That’s the legacy I’m trying to create now. Arnold [Classic] Not my priority.”

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In what could be the first time in 2023, Bumstead has made his upcoming trip abundantly clear. He’s looking to extend his reign at the top of the Classic Physique division, with any non-Olympia ambitions unimportant. For Bumstead, it appears he wants to continue carefully refining and polishing a competitive plan that has been shown to work.

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