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Christmas in Miami Travel Diary – The Beauty Look Book

I’m back from a mini vacation with a new Miami travel diary! We booked a Christmas in Miami trip and brought Ollie with us. He is 11 months old now and was such a good boy the whole time. We were pleasantly surprised to find just how dog-friendly Miami is. She was also welcomed into the Lowe’s store in the Miami Design District and was lucky enough to sniff out some pretty sporty sneakers! We had a great trip!

Miami Christmas with Ollie

where we stayed

On this trip we split our stays into two places: at an airbnb in South Beach and also at The Betsy Hotel. This was our first trip with Ollie and since it was an extended trip we weren’t sure if he would be okay in a hotel room, but he was a very nice guy, even with all the new noise in town ! We could have stayed in a hotel with him for the whole trip.

The Betsy Hotel has been on my list for a while and we booked a king suite which was spacious enough for South Beach. We had a really enjoyable stay! Of all the hotels we have stayed at, this was one of the best boutique hotels we have tried. Super cute, very clean, good food, friendly staff – it almost feels like a home away from home. They are dog friendly and offer treats to Ollie in the lobby.

Betsy Hotel South Beach

Betsy Hotel South Beach Ollie Cavapoo

Betsy Hotel South Beach - Sabrina BeautyLookbook

miami eats

Rosetta Bakery South Beach on Collins

Andrew and I love good food and there is no shortage of amazing places to try it in Miami. South Beach is our favorite place to stay because there is so much within walking distance.

breakfast spot

Rosetta Bakery South Beach

We love Rosetta Bakery and Shepherd Artisan Coffee – they’re right next door to each other! They both have a few locations all over Miami, we love the one in the heart of South Beach between 9th and 10th.

Strawberry Moon at The Goodtime Hotel was a disappointment this time. I’m not sure it was just a holiday when we went. It was much better than when we first visited a year ago. This time the food was not that good and the service was quite disappointing.

Green Street Cafe in Coconut Grove is a fun almost diner-style cafe for a casual breakfast. Pleasant surprise from the food! Even though it was packed, we were seated immediately. Quick service and fun people watching.

The Salty Donut is one of our favorite donut shops. It’s not really a breakfast place, but we love getting coffee and donuts here. They’re opening more stores all the time in different cities. A few are opening in Tampa in the new year and we are excited!

The Betsy Hotel has a good breakfast and lunch area in the lobby area. Hotel food can be hit or miss in South Beach, but we had some good comfort food here! Ollie had some scrambled eggs which he really liked.

Miami Eats Mandolin, Doya


This visit I managed to book a table at Mandolin Aegean Bistro in the Design District and it was exceptionally good. Would 100% return again.

Taquiza Tacos is one of Andrew’s favorite taco spots. I prefer the Bodega Tacos, but both are good and definitely worth checking out.

La Sandwicherie is one of our favorite sandwich spots in South Beach and Wynwood. We always buy their signature vinaigrette sauce and pickles to take home with us.

Mister Baguette in Wynwood is a new spot we tried and loved! They have fresh sandwiches and delicious pastries and a super cute interior.

Miami Eats - Mister Baguette Wynwood


Jo’s Stone Crab Takeaway is always fun. They don’t have a full menu like a restaurant but the selection is still great and I always get the Angel Food Chocolate Chip Cake to go with the chocolate mousse.

Makoto Bal Harbor is one of our favorite dinner spots. This was again on my to visit list as we had such a great experience here. We went again and everything is wonderful here. People watching here too, having a lot of fun!

Doya Wynwood is new to us and we 10/10 love it. We left very early so we didn’t need a reservation but I highly recommend booking them just in case. This was one of Andrew’s favorites and it is in my top 5. Great atmosphere, friendly service, amazing food. It’s been a long time since we’ve had Turkish coffee and it’s at this place, it’s just like the real deal.

1-800-Lucky Wynwood is a fun food court with seven Asian restaurants in one area. We love this place for the good food, fun atmosphere, and quick service. They also have Taiyaki NYC Japanese Ice Cream here.

Stubborn Seed is one of the best restaurants we have ever tried. Reservation is a must and this time we have booked the Chef’s Tasting Menu which is prior to the meal. Expensive but it is a very special experience that you will never forget. This was our second time here and it is incredible.

Miami Eats Makoto and 1-800-Lucky

Beaches, Shopping & Sights

South Beach Boardwalk

miami ollie and sabrina

We spent a lot of time walking or biking the boardwalk with Ollie for a relaxing time. We also spent some time on the beach on our own as dogs are not allowed on the beaches on South Beach. We drove to Key Biscayne for fun and sightseeing but mainly stayed in the car because of the rain and high winds. We will definitely go back when it’s warm and sunny!

Bal Harbor Shops Christmas

Shopping in Miami is a lot of fun. We stopped at the Bal Harbor Shops, which is gorgeous. I picked up a few exclusives from Goyard and Saks and Niemans, including Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 Shimmering Body Oil (still available at franciskurkdjian.com).

Bal Harbor Miami

dior beauty sax bal harbor

We stopped by the Design District for more shopping and I splurged on a few things from Celine and Lowe’s. There is a lot to explore here like Creed Boutique, Celine, Loewe, Bottega and more!

Design District Miami

Design District Miami

Celine Store Miami

Miami Design District

Ollie Cavapoo

We also visited the Superblu Miami which is a light-immersed experience. It was fine for me and I don’t know that I would recommend it as a travel experience. The Van Gogh Immersive Experience (same style of immersive experience) that we had seen on a previous visit was much more interesting to us. If your time is limited in Miami, I think there are more interesting places to visit like the Frost Science Museum or Vizcaya Gardens.

superblu art miami

Superblu Miami

south beach miami
Miami Coconut Grove

ollie and sabrina

That wraps up my Miami travel diary! There’s so much to explore and we can’t wait to go back. We look forward to traveling more this upcoming year as we are confident that Oli will be able to travel with us wherever he goes.

Did you travel anywhere last year or during the holidays? where did you go or where did you go? Would love to hear about your adventures if you were able to visit!



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