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Dealing with the Holidays: Suggested Resources, 2022

[Updated December 31, 2022]

The holiest of holidays are those we keep alone in silence and in solitude; Secret Anniversary of the Heart. ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The holiday season is upon us once again, and for those of us anticipating or coping with the loss of a loved one, the days ahead can be extremely difficult. triggers are everywhere, reminiscing and reminding us of all that we have lost. This is why many community agencies offer programs specifically at this time of year to assist the bereaved. Your local hospice, mortuary or healthcare organization will have information about any special offers and services available to you in your community. Plus, the Internet is filled with all kinds of articles, books, and tips that offer creative and practical ways to approach the holidays.

As I have done in years past, over the next several weeks I will be looking online for articles, webinars, and other reliable resources to recommend to my readers and visitors, and every day during the holiday season I’ll be posting links to them here. Since I’m building on this list on a daily basis, I invite you to check back frequently to see what’s been added.

5 Tips for Managing Grief During the Holidays

5 Tips for Those Who Experience Grief During the Holidays

9 Tips for Dealing With Grief With Kids During the Holiday Season

10 Tips for Dealing with Grief Around the Holidays

A Guide to Moving Through Grief

Are grief and gratitude mutually exclusive?

Facing Sorrow in a Season of Joy

Coping With Grief Through the Holiday Season

coping with the holidays

Dealing With Grief During the Holidays

Dealing With Grief During the Holidays

Dealing With Grief During the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Dealing With Grief Over the Holidays: ‘It’s the First Year of Difficulties All Over’

Fall is my sad season. how are you?

Free events to discuss grief and loss during the holidays

getting through the holidays in misery

Grief and the Holidays: 10 Key Personal Experiences

grief and the holiday season

Grief as a Mystical Journey: 2022 Holiday Season Support Group

grief doesn’t take a break

Grief During the Season of Transition

grief during the holidays

grief during the holidays

Grief, the Holidays, and Sensory Memories

Grief: how to cope over the Christmas period

mourning in a season of hope and joy

Groups provide holiday support for lost loved ones

halig dag

Happy Thanksgiving in Heaven: Suffering is the price we pay for loving someone deeply

Helping the Bereaved During the Holiday Season

Holiday Celebrations and Grief Wounds

Holiday Grief: Recognizing and Navigating Its Complications

Holiday Hope Tips

Holiday Tips for Supporters

Vacation video on dating a widower

how to cope with christmas sadness

How to Deal with Grief During the Holidays and New Years

how to deal with the holiday blues

How to help someone deal with grief during the holidays

How to Honor Grief and Cultivate Joy During the Holidays

How to Navigate Holiday Grief After the Loss of a Loved One

How to Respond to Someone’s Grief During the Holidays

‘I am grateful for my suffering’

If you’re feeling down this holiday season, these self-care tips may help.

If You’re Sad This Holiday Season, Try Screaming

living with grief during the holidays

Mental Wellness: Grief During the Holidays

Navigating Grief and Loss During the Holidays

Navigating Grief and Loss During the Holidays

Not a fan of New Year’s resolutions?

planning ahead for thanksgiving

Finding Meaning in a Season of Grief

Silent Night: When Sorrow Has No Holiday

Helping Loved Ones Recover During the Holidays

surviving the holidays while grieving

Thanksgiving triggers sadness but talking helps

ghost of christmas past

This Thanksgiving, This Young Father Finds Gratitude in Grief

Helping Those Who Are Grieving During the Holidays, Three Ways to Care

Tips for dealing with holiday stress

For Your Health: Grief Over the Holidays

Voices: The Holidays and Grief After Loss

The Grieving Wishes You Should Know About the Holiday

When It Comes To Grief, One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Wings–A Grief Education Ministry: Coping with the Holidays

Wondering how to survive the holidays? 10 tips for making the holiday season gentler on you.

Working Through Grief During the Holidays

Your Cancer Answer: How Do I Deal With Loss and Grief During the Holidays?

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