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essential oils arthritis pain relief

In this article we see essential oils for arthritis pain relief, Discover safe and natural ways to ease and comfort arthritis pain using aromatherapy oils.

Quick overview of arthritis.

Arthritis is a crippling and debilitating condition associated with inflammation of the joints. It affects many people and can happen at any age.

The most common forms of arthritis are osteoarthritis And rheumatoid Arthritis. gout There is another form of arthritis.

The pain of arthritis is accompanied by swelling, redness and stiffness in the affected joints. It affects overall health and well-being by causing pain preventing sufferers from engaging in physical activity.

This often makes the condition worse and starts a vicious cycle of inflammation and pain.

Essential oil for arthritis pain relief.

Essential oils have been used by many cultures for centuries for aromatherapy and pain relief. In today’s society we are seeing a revival of this in aromatherapy.

The use of essential oils is gaining more and more popularity, especially for those of us who prefer to use holistic and natural remedies instead of pharmaceuticals.

This guide provides 5 Best Essential Oils for Arthritis and methods of application to relieve pain.

If you are taking any prescription medications, always talk to your doctor before starting any complementary therapy.

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Specific aromatherapy oils have been proven to provide relief from pain.
essential oils for arthritis pain relief

Peppermint – essential oil for arthritis pain relief.

Peppermint oil is more commonly known for its use in beauty products and cooking, rather than as an essential oil for pain relief.

However it is one of the best essential oils for soothing pain and is a powerful anti-inflammatory.

The main symptoms associated with arthritis are pain and stiffness in the joints. They can be reduced with the help of medical and some non-medical treatments like aromatherapy.

Peppermint essential oil has been proven to have a pain-relieving effect when applied to the skin.

Aromatherapy with peppermint oil and when mixed with other essential oils has been proven to reduce pain in patients with arthritis.

The active ingredient in peppermint is l menthol Which acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps to cool and soothe like the all natural menthol.

Peppermint essential oil should always be added to a carrier oil before use.

It is very powerful and extremely strong. Once diluted with a carrier oil, use it as a rub and massage it into the afflicted joint to relieve your pain.

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Arthritis Pain Relief Essential Oil Guide
Rosemary essential oil is known for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Rosemary oil – essential oil for arthritis pain relief.

Rosemary essential oil has many uses, especially when dealing with muscle and joint pain, as well as having properties that improve circulation.

Rosemary oil is an incredibly effective analgesic and pain reliever, as well as a potent anti-inflammatory.

Aromatherapy won’t cure your arthritis, but research has shown that it has a powerful effect on your well-being, especially your pain level.

“Certain scents activate smell receptors in the nose, which trigger a response in the nervous system. This, in turn, stimulates the part of your brain that controls emotions, causing the release of feel-good hormones like dopamine.” Is secreted.

Research confirms the use of aromatherapy for pain relief. In fact, a study from the Catholic University of Korea in Seoul showed that people with arthritis who sniffed an aromatic blend that included lavender, eucalyptus, and rosemary experienced less pain and better mood than those who didn’t.

To use treat with peppermint oil. A few drops in a carrier oil (olive oil from the cupboard is excellent) and rub into the sore joint.

Osteoarthritis Potential of Peppermint and Rosemary Essential Oils

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Marjoram oil – essential oils for Arthritis pain relief.

Marjoram oil is perhaps best known as an aromatherapy oil used for anxiety and stress due to its very effective calming properties.

However marjoram is also excellent for reducing arthritis pain, bruises, strains and sprains and muscle strains.

When applied it not only relaxes muscles and relieves pain, but it also promotes calmness and well-being.

Add a few drops to a carrier oil and massage into the affected joint.

It is advised not to apply marjoram oil to broken or overly sensitive skin as it can cause irritation. If unsure, test on a small patch of skin before widespread use.

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Arthritis Pain Relief Essential Oils - Eucalyptus Arthritis Pain Relief Essential Oil
Eucalyptus is an excellent essential oil for treating arthritis.

Eucalyptus – essential oil for arthritis pain relief.

Eucalyptus oil is another great product that contains menthol which gives it peppermint-like properties.

Eucalyptus oil is often found in mouthwash or throat lozenges, but it is also a great and fast-acting anti-inflammatory and pain reliever.

Eucalyptus oil is great for pain associated with osteoarthritis.

Eucalyptus oil increases circulation by expanding blood vessels and boosts the body’s immune system.

To enhance the pain-relieving effect, mix a few drops in a carrier oil with tea tree or peppermint oil.

Eucalyptus oil has many anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It may also help improve oil circulation.

In a 2013 study, researchers evaluated the effects of eucalyptus aromatherapy on pain management after total knee replacement. The study concluded that inhaling eucalyptus oil can significantly reduce swelling, pain, and blood pressure after this procedure.

If you have rheumatoid arthritis, you can apply diluted eucalyptus oil to the affected area to reduce your inflammation and relieve pain.

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Lavender – essential oil for arthritis pain relief.

essential oils for anxiety

Lavender oil is widely known as a calming inducing oil that aids sleep, reduces anxiety and promotes a sense of well-being.

Used for arthritic pain. It reduces swelling and tenderness around the afflicted joint.

Lavender, like eucalyptus, increases blood circulation as well as oxygenation of the blood.

Lavender is used a little differently than other oils. You need to mix 10 drops of the oil Hot carrier oil. Then massage the affected joint with this oil.

Another wonderful remedy for the whole body is to add 10-20 drops to a warm bath and then relax and let the lavender water relieve joint and muscle pain.

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Other essential oil options – effective pain relief.

While not specifically associated with arthritis, the following essential oils can be used to help combat a variety of symptoms commonly associated with arthritis.

Each of the herbal essential oils listed below can be used in conjunction with any of the others mentioned in this article and added to the same carrier oil to reap the benefits of both oils.

Bay leaf essential oil: For pain and swelling.

Tea Tree Essential Oil: For pain and swelling. Also a powerful oil for transitions.

Lemon essential oil: Reduces swelling and inflammation.

Cedar essential oil: Improves circulation and is a great decongestant of the lymphatic system.

Frankincense Essential Oil: Excellent in relieving muscle soreness, cramps and aches.

Myrrh Essential Oil: Aids in healing through relaxing the body and calming the mind.

aromatherapy arthritis pain relief essential oil
Aromas and fragrances have been used for centuries for their calming, healing and soothing properties.

Research supports essential oils for arthritis pain relief.

Many people associate aromatherapy and the use of essential oils with “new-age” and “alternative lifestyles”, although this is not (only) the case.

Aromatherapy and essential oils have been used across civilizations and cultures for centuries and are now recognized as a medicinal practice by many Western cultures.

The Arthritis Foundation advocates the use of essential oils and this can be seen from the following quote taken from “Aromatherapy for Arthritis Relief” by Mary Margaret Chappe.

“Aromatherapy is effective because it acts directly on the amygdala, the emotional center of the brain,” says Mehmet Oz, MD, director of the Center for Integrative Medicine at Columbia University Medical Center in New York City. “This has important consequences because the thinking part of the brain cannot inhibit the effects of odors, meaning you feel them immediately.” Of the many uses of aromatherapy, pain relief is only one; Anxiety reduction and rejuvenation are other common objectives.

Mehmet Oz, MD

Dr. Oz and his team created the following essential oil blend for arthritis sufferers.

  • 15 drops lavender or eucalyptus essential oil
  • Dilute 2 tablespoons of carrier oil (olive, almond, avocado or jojoba).

After this, massage is done in the affected joints as required.

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I hope you found this post on essential oils for arthritis pain relief useful and informative.

I hope you try these oils or recommend them to people you know who suffer from arthritis.

Please leave a message in the comments section below if you would like to ask questions or provide feedback from your experiences. Alternatively you can contact me directly by clicking here.

wish you good health

5 Essential Oils for Arthritis Pain Relief (Wonderful Aromatherapy)


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