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Food Mistakes I Made in My 20s and 30s – Carrots ‘n’ Cake

Mistakes I Made With My Eating Habits in My 20s and 30s… Oh boy, there were a lot of them!

Watch YouTube for the flipside of those mistakes and how I overcame my sugar addiction!

Long story short, I was a sugar monster in my 20s, even my 30s, until I really took control of my eating habits by changing my diet and lifestyle. .

No joke – my mother-in-law nicknamed me “Cookie Monster”.

I was that person; If I had a plate of cookies lying around, I’d have one or two. I must have 10 cookies or all cookies. And I couldn’t stop thinking about those cookies until they were all gone.

Why was I like this? Why was I constantly craving sugar?

Mistakes I Made With My Eating Habits in My 20s and 30s

Mistake #1 I wasn’t fueling my body properly.

I was very active doing marathons and cross fit, but I wasn’t eating right. I craved energy and got it from sugar and carbohydrates—which only provided a quick fix.

Mistake #2 I misunderstood the 80/20 lifestyle.

80% of my diet was straight sugar, and 20% was good healthy stuff.

Mistake #3 I thought calories in / calories out were the only things that mattered.

I ate a lot of fake, low-calorie processed food. I was having those Fiber One bars, Light & Fit yogurt, and all kinds of weird protein bars with fake sugars in them… you get the picture.

Now you tell me – can you relate to any of these mistakes? If so, I want to remind you that it’s taken like a decade (maybe more) of my life to figure it all out.

You Can Control Your Sugar Cravings! If I did, I know you can too!

Swapping Foods Also Eliminates Sugar Cravings

Save this post for nutrient-packed meal swaps to curb sugar cravings (+ check out my FREE 7-Day Sugar-Free Meal Plan – link in my bio)

Listen, my craving for sweets has been a long one (like at least a decade of my life).

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that there was a long period of time when I couldn’t eat peanut M&Ms without eating them at home. I am talking about big bags, not small bags.

I literally had no control over certain foods.

I was making a lot of mistakes with my eating habits.

Eating zero-calorie noodles, high-fiber cereals, light and fit yogurt, and really just paying attention to calories was huge.

See, I was not paying attention to the macro balance.

I also said this to my husband maybe a week ago. I told him that when I eat real food, I don’t crave sugar.

When I eat regularly planned meals throughout the day, and they are macro-balanced (protein, carbs, fat, and fiber), I don’t get cravings. I’m full, I’m satisfied, and my blood sugar is balanced. It’s win-win.

One of the first steps in doing this is to switch your mindset from calories in to calories out to macros.

You can start learning about macros and focusing on them in my 7-Day Sugar-Free Eating Plan!

I give you a one-week sample meal plan including what to eat, when to eat it, a grocery store list, and recipes that can help you balance your blood sugar and help you with your sugar cravings.

Be sure to try my 7-Day Sugar-Free Plan + it’s completely free!



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