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Health and Wellness Trends 2023: From Workout to Detox

Image credit @ Camilla Akrans for Harper’s Bazaar

I’ve always been a bit skeptical of fitness ‘trends’, as finding health and fitness practices that work for you should be a long-term goal rather than a trend. However, if you’re still hunting for the perfect fit to make you feel good, it might be worth it to see what other people have found. Maybe you’ll find some inspiration for something new (or a cool new buzzword for what you’re already doing).

Image credit @ Camilla Akrans for Harper’s Bazaar

Health and Wellness Trends 2023

low intensity workouts

Goodbye HIIT, Hello LIW! People are realizing that it feels great to slowly move your body, rather than in short bursts of extremely intense, punishing workouts. Think long walks, swimming, yoga, and stretching.

Early Bird Special

While intermittent fasting is popular for 2023, if you’re not sure that eating within a strict time frame is right for you, try changing your eating times first. profit? Your food gets more time to digest before you go to sleep, which results in better sleep.

digital detox

Taking a break from social media and technology is becoming more appealing every day, and digital detox is set to grow in popularity over the next year. Putting your phone on flight mode in the evening, setting screen time limits, and deleting apps from your phone at certain times are all just the first steps in the process.

go out more

We’ve all gotten used to living in a lot since the pandemic, but people may be pushing back against home life now and may start going out a lot more in 2023. Finding new ways to connect, trying new hobbies and being open to meeting new people are all on the ‘yes’ list.

Zero Waste Lifestyle

As we all strive to live more eco-friendly lives and do better for the planet, upcycled food will be one of the health trends of the year. While there are plenty of social media-friendly ways to get involved in this wellness trend, essentially it means wasting less food, using up leftovers, and making sure as little as possible goes in the bin. Check out my book Eat Beautiful for ideas on how to base your meals around fresh, seasonal foods.

Here’s wishing you a happy and healthy 2023!

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