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Holiday Home Tour 2021

merry christmas! Last year, my holiday decorations were a little subdued because I was still recovering from being sick, so this year was a little *extra* with 7 Christmas trees.

No one needs so many decorations, but I really enjoy putting them up and seeing all the lights and sparkles throughout the season. My mom loved Christmas decorations and putting them up brings back good memories. She would love them!

Entry Christmas Tree: Plum, Burgundy, and Gold

This tree in the entry is one that is always hard for me to photograph, but it is so beautiful in person. It’s filled with red, plum, and gold glass ornaments, ribbons, and berries.

The stair has tall needle pine garland.

Formal Room: Animal Print Tree

The formal room (I don’t really know its purpose, but it’s cute??!) is where the animal print tree is. I have a previous tutorial on how I designed this tree.

Dining room: Chinoiserie blue, green, and white Christmas tree

I added this after I refreshed my dining room last year. It’s a heavily festooned tree with blue, green and white ribbon, magnolia flowers and stems, and ginger jars, crystal drops, and foo dog ornaments.

kitchen christmas decorations

This year, I found some beautiful wreaths sold in packs of 3 at Target, and I bought a few packs to use around the house. I ended up adding them to the shelves with some 1″ faux dupioni ribbon, and tying 3 together to hang on the door. I made the magnolia wreath on the pantry door (back) during an online workshop. Loved the magnolias and I would love to drape it all over the house! But, a wreath had to do for this year!

The flowers on the table were a combo of fresh flowers from Costco and Trader Joe’s. Nice combo!

Living Room: Gold Magnolia Christmas Tree

It’s a 12-foot animal of a tree covered in large gold beaded magnolia flowers, pearlescent flower stems, crystal balls, and some long needle pines. This tree also has a special addition to the stem of an old magnolia flower that we had growing up in the decor. I don’t have much from my childhood, so this was a really special find that came packaged.

I added seasonal art I found on Etsy to a Samsung frame TV. The TV is new and I’ll have more to say about it later – I like the look and feel of it.

The chimney wreath is long needle pine, magnolia leaves, berries and gold glitter leaves.

Basement: Sentimental/Family Christmas Tree

The basement is our real hangout spot, and there’s no better place for our sentimental/family Christmas tree. I am asked “What do you do about “regular” jewelry?” And this is my answer. It is full of jewelry collected over the years.

Office: Silver Tinsel Christmas Tree

This silver tinsel tree is in my office and is accented with glittery pink ornaments, reindeer, and other colorful baubles. It’s always the first tree to go up because it’s a tree I can store in one piece with a garbage bag haha!

bedroom simple silver and white tree

This tree is new this year, and I love it. The tree itself is great quality, has lots of microlights that shine through, and requires very little shaping. It’s in our bedroom, and I set a timer for it to turn on when we go to sleep. I decorated it with silver mercury, clear, and white simple glass ornaments from Target. The tree collar is also from Target.

I wish you and yours all the best for today and for the year ahead.



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