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home for the holidays means going back to your old hairdresser

Many of you coming into this season are returning home for the holidays. It’s that time of year again to gather and reunite with family and friends, and most exciting of all, your hometown hairdresser. One of the hardest things about moving away from home is finding a new hairdresser that you connect with. Whether you need a color, a cut, or an OLAPLEX treatment, when you’re back in your old hairdresser’s chair home for the holidays is a sigh of relief for many people.

There’s nothing like catching up with your colorist, especially when you live far away from them. From work to love life, there’s always something juicy going on… and how is it that they always know when you’ve seen someone else? This season, another way you can support your professionals is by visiting them when you’re back home for a service. Even if you have a new one where you live, there’s always something you can do, like an OLAPLEX treatment.

The feeling we get when we leave the salon after a color, cut, or styling (queue the hair toss) is an irreplaceable confidence boost. Treat yourself while supporting your favorite supporter. Consider a new look for the new year, such as a color change, fresh cut, or even a new style they can consult with you for the new year. It’s so easy to go regular with your hair, sometimes all you need is a guide in the right direction and who knows better than your hairdresser what can look amazing on you.

You want to look your best for the holidays, so whether you’re coming home for Thanksgiving, Christmas or both, start your season with an OLAPLEX treatment to jump-start your hair’s health for the holidays and any the service you want. OLAPLEX stand-alone treatment is the perfect treatment to make your hair healthy again. OLAPLEX is the original bond builder that replaces broken disulfide bonds in your hair with healthy bonds that are as close to the virgin state of your hair as possible. Don’t forget to ask OLAPLEX every step of the way for your color, texture and styling services!

If there’s any energy we want to bring into the new year, it’s gratitude and support for the people we love and who make us feel good. Home for the holidays is an opportunity to reconnect with everything you love, and within that is the love you give yourself with your favorite supporter!



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