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How do Big Gem shows compare?

Is a trip to one of the BIG Gem shows on your bucket list?

Well, we have something special! Team HM member Lisa breaks it down for you in a video in her Gem Show Comparison.

But first, here are some pictures from the Tucson and Denver Gem Shows – Because it really is all about crystals, crystals, crystals! right?

Gem Show Comparison

Quartz Tower for Days in Denver

For the Love of Quartz! One of the most abundant and admired crystals, clear quartz is literally a rock star. And I have a blog post that talks about it – Click here to read more about the healing properties, correspondences and meanings of quartz.

Gem Show Comparison

Giant Smoky Quartz Earth Keeper Crystal – Tucson Gem Show

Check out the shape of these Smoky Quartz Earth Keepers above! what size do you think it is energy torus on those kids?

Gem Show Comparison

Basking in Crystal Vibes – The Beautiful Lisa D’Arrigo of Team HM Denver Gem Show

I mean, who doesn’t need a crystal throne?

I myself fell in love like this –

quartz throne

i on a milky quartz throne tucson show,

Gem Show Takeaways

It can be really hard to choose…

  • Both shows take place in beautiful locations steeped in rich mining history and geological formations
  • They are both in the grand western part of the United States surrounded by many natural wonders.
  • Of course, both have abundant crystals!

In this video, Lisa breaks it down for you>>>

  1. If you could only choose one show, which one is the best for you?
  2. Should try my best to go to both shows?
  3. exactly what to expect

Things to keep in mind before going to Gem Show

  1. Target – What are your personal or professional goals? Why do you want to participate in the Gem Show?
  2. Location – How far do you have to travel to attend one of these shows? can you drive? Or do you have to fly and ship purchases home?
  3. time – When are these shows? And when is it most convenient for you to go?

Tucson Gem Show

  • feels like a citywide experience
  • Give yourself time to not only soak up all the goodness of crystals but also to refresh and recharge, you’ll need it!
  • Tucson Tucson is surrounded by the Mountain Range and many other great places for side trips.

Want more information about my visits to the Tucson Gem Show? I’ve been year after year and written all about it for you. Here are some of my personal recycling must-have tips:

More Useful Tucson Gem Show Links

Denver Gem Show

  • Growing and adding larger locations and new locations every year , It’s also a multi-location gem show
  • There are lots of crystals and vendors to pick and hand-pick, but it’s less overwhelming than Tucson’s
  • Denver located in the beautiful Rocky Mountains

More Useful Denver Gem Show Links

And just because Lisa and I can’t resist…

More Crystal Photos!

Gem Show Comparison

Skeletal Stunner at the Tucson Gem Show

You can get lost in this crystal… It seems to have a whole inner world inside.

Gem Show Comparison

Hibiscus Moon and Lisa enjoying their lives while shopping at the Tucson Gem Show

even if you don’t buy much – Be at the Gem Show, soak up crystal energy, check out the variety, and scoop up new discoveriesoh so much fun!

Giant Lemurian

Only at a gem show will you come face to face with a giant Lemurian point like this beauty!

Feast your eyes on these beads, and imagine what you can create with this selection.

Gem Show Comparison

The Gemstone Bead Booth at the Denver Gem Show. Pearls for days and days!

me and lisa

Here’s a picture from the vault — me and Lisa one Tucson Gem Show Pajama Party several years ago!

The brilliance of the carvings and the finery of the gems displayed are out of this world!

Gem Show Comparison

Lepidolite Krishna Carving – Denver Gem Show

Hope you liked this Gem Show comparison. Have you been to either of these two gem shows? Or is it on your bucket list? Or will you go to both? Please let me know in the comments below.

crystal blessing,

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