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How I Know I’m in Perimenopause – Carrots ‘n’ Cake

Wondering If You’re in Perimenopause? You are not alone, my friend. This blog post is about how I found out I am in perimenopause.

I was once thinking exactly the same thing because unpleasant hormonal symptoms were hitting here and there…and they seemed to come out of nowhere.

Uhhh, dealing with these symptoms was not fun, and I was left wondering what was happening to my body?!

Here are some signs and symptoms that confirmed perimenopause for me and what I’ve done about it…

How do I know I’m in perimenopause

I started having less periods → As far back as I can remember, my cycles were 28-30 days, but then suddenly they started getting shorter… 26 days, 24 days, 23 days… so I also added natural progesterone drops in the luteal phase of my cycle to my regimen More in ‘Fruits and Roots’.

I noticed less lean muscle gain -> I was working out but wasn’t getting stronger or seeing muscle definition. My workouts made me tired, and I was always very sore. I went back to CrossFit to focus on lifting heavy and progressive overload (group classes definitely motivate me!), and I added more protein and carbs (and calories in general) around my workouts. Muscle doesn’t come out of thin air – you need calories!

I suffered from night sweats before my period → I was drenched in sweats a few nights before my period started, so I added black cohosh and maca powder to my diet as well to help boost estrogen metabolism and make my body more sensitive to estrogen. Ground flaxseed included.

i got a headache after ovulation -> A day after ovulation, I started having a dull headache which lasted for most of the day. This kept happening month after month until I noticed a pattern, so I supported the detox pathway by adding more soluble fiber and cruciferous veggies and reducing my consumption of alcohol and caffeine, especially Mid-cycle around ovulation.

i woke up in the middle of the night → I used to wake up between 1-3 am and toss and turn for hours. I was tired, and my lack of sleep messed with my blood sugar, cravings, and mood. I started consuming a snack before bed with protein, a little fat, and slow-digesting carbs to keep my blood sugar stable and help me sleep through the night. I’ve also periodically supplemented with natural progesterone drops, magnesium glycinate, melatonin, and CBD.

How You Can Feel Better in Perimenopause

Perimenopause has the potential to be a difficult transition for many women, but you can get through this period of time if you know what to do!

I’m with you in navigating this crazy time, and I want to help you through the transition. You don’t have to struggle and can help you be the best you can be every day!

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