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How To Stop Smoking Naturally – Quit Smoking Tips

In this post we will explore how to stop smoking naturally, available smoking remedies and how to quit smoking cigarettes for good.

Discover the many natural stop smoking remedies available that have been proven to help during the stages of nicotine withdrawal. Discover what will help reduce smoking triggers, cravings, help detox, and then kick your habit forever.

Quit smoking naturally with the Quit Smoking Plan.

Smoking cigarettes and residual smoke is one of the leading causes of illness and disease worldwide.

Smoking acts as a trigger, and is a major factor in the development of many types of cancer (oral, throat, lung). It also contributes to heart disease, stroke and many other diseases.

There is already a large amount of public information detailing the health risks associated with smoking cigarettes and other tobacco products.

The dangers of smoking not only affect the smoker but also those who are exposed to their smoking patterns and secondhand smoke. We call these people passive smokers.

often neglected effect cigarette smoking.

We all probably know someone whose health has been damaged by smoking cigarettes and we will all be aware of the enormous personal costs of tobacco products in a financial sense.

So why are so many people who can’t stick to a smoking cessation plan, continue to smoke and put themselves at risk?

the answer is Addiction,

Smoking is highly addictive. Most people have probably tried a quit smoking plan to help them quit. of them several times. it is hard. Very difficult.

how to stop smoking naturally

What to Expect – Smoking Remedies Available to Stop Smoking Naturally.

When someone decides to stop smoking cigarettes, our body goes into a state of nicotine withdrawal and craving.

Like any habit, we have developed a pattern of dependence. By smoking nicotine, our body has become accustomed to working with tobacco smoke, and has become dependent on a certain level of nicotine. Nicotine is the chemical substance responsible for addiction.

Our body reacts when we stop smoking cigarettes and other tobacco products.

Our body sends signals to our brain that something is not right, something is lacking and the habit of smoking can lead to cravings and trigger smoking.

To eliminate these cravings and prevent a relapse, we need to commit to a long-term smoking cessation plan so that our body can naturally detoxify and get rid of all traces of nicotine.

This is the point where most people give up on their smoking cessation plans.

In some cases the craving is so bad that people can’t sleep, or they become depressed and irritable, which is why many people choose cognitive behavioral smoking cessation therapy.

We need to spend enough time without smoking nicotine so that our body develops a new habit that is not dependent on nicotine.

So if we want to control these cravings and stick to our plans to quit smoking, we need to find alternative ways to control cravings and increase our chances of success.

In this guide on how to quit smoking naturally, we will look at 3 Eastern practices that are known to be highly effective in the fight against craving and smoking cessation.

How To Stop Smoking Naturally With Acupuncture.

Many local stop smoking services and other online resources now recommend acupuncture which originates from traditional Chinese medicine. Records of its use date back to 113 B.C.

Based on the meridian system of energy flow, acupuncture is the process of inserting extremely thin needles into specific meridian points on our body to prevent many negative health effects.

Needles inserted into the meridian system stimulate and improve energy flow, which eliminates the unpleasant side effects of smoking.

I seriously doubt anyone likes the sound of needles in their body, but trust me the technique is painless and reduces smoke consumption.

The use of acupuncture to quit smoking cigarettes is now widely accepted in modern medical circles.

acupuncture chart 01

Research shows that using acupuncture for smoking cessation is one of the preferred holistic methods for successfully stopping smoking long term.

Unfortunately, a large number of people never consider using acupuncture in their personal smoking cessation plan because of the needles.

If needles are something you are unable to consider, and there are many people who feel the same way, there is an alternative that helps combat the unpleasant side effects caused by smoking. Accupressure.

The acupressure smoking program uses the same ideas as acupuncture. However, instead of inserting the needle directly into the meridian, the technique involves applying direct pressure to the meridian point.

Studies and discussions in smoking cessation forums also show that acupressure is an effective technique and achieves results similar to acupuncture.

So if you are looking for smoking cessation treatment options and want to learn how to quit smoking naturally then both acupuncture and acupressure are highly recommended.

A study of those treated with both acupuncture and acupressure found that more than 80% of acupuncture and 74% of acupressure participants reported relief from withdrawal symptoms, smoking triggers, and smoking cravings.

how to stop smoking plans 01
how to stop smoking plans

herbal medicine treatment To quit smoking.

Other recommendations for quitting smoking naturally come from traditional Chinese medicine and include the use of herbal supplements.

Herbal supplements, like acupuncture and acupressure, are used as stop smoking supports to control cravings and help with nicotine withdrawal.

Herbal supplements are also recommended because of the additional health benefits they provide and how they help protect against the unpleasant side effects of smoking on the body.

Including herbal supplements in your diet can help with nicotine withdrawal, which can lead to irritability, anxiety and lack of sleep. The use of the supplement is one of the smoking remedies available and also aids in tissue repair.

Premature aging is one of the many negative health effects faced by long-term smokers. When we smoke, our tissues become dry and damaged due to cigarette smoke, which reduces the amount of oxygen that reaches our skin. Herbal supplements can aid in the repair and hydration of our body’s tissues.

As with any smoking cessation drugs, herbal remedies or supplements, if you have existing medical conditions or take prescription medications, it is always advised to consult your doctor before starting any alternative supplement. Get advice.

Herbal supplements are completely safe when used as a treatment option for how to stop smoking cigarettes naturally. The ones recommended have been thoroughly tested. However, any product, natural or not, can interact with pharmaceuticals so it is always wise to seek preliminary medical advice.

These recommended herbal smoking cessation products are very basic and easy to use.

These 2 smoking alternatives are off the shelf natural teas and are great additions to your smoking cessation plan.

You may be surprised but both have been used successfully to combat smoking withdrawal symptoms and to counter cravings.

green tea To quit smoking cigarettes.

As part of your smoking cessation initiative, you should sip green tea throughout your detox period. Green tea contains certain ingredients that curb the urge to smoke and curb cravings.

lobelia tea For the symptoms of quitting smoking.

Lobelia tea is known for its ability to aid smoking cessation through the elimination of toxins from our bodies and was traditionally used as an antidote for snake bites!

Combine lobelia and green tea and you have a powerful detoxification product that will help control cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

How to stop smoking cessation 01
stop smoking

Cayenne Pepper for your quit smoking program.

A very simple herbal remedy and one that is easy to add to smoking cessation plans. Cayenne pepper is an excellent remedy to help reduce cigarette cravings.

Cayenne desensitizes the respiratory system to tobacco and chemical irritants, and this is what reduces cravings and many common smoking triggers.

It is important that you include this spice in your diet during your smoking cessation initiative. Add two pinches of cayenne spice in a glass of water and use it daily.

Ginseng smoking to prevent relapse.

Studies have shown that ginseng inhibits the nicotine-induced release of the neurotransmitter dopamine. Dopamine is one of the biggest smoking triggers and provides the “smoking high” and what makes you feel good after smoking a cigarette.

Blocking dopamine in the early smoking cessation process is a big part of combating nicotine addiction.

Adding a teaspoon of ginseng powder to your breakfast cereal or a glass of fruit juice in the morning will help reduce cravings which is an important factor in a quit smoking plan.

St John’s wort. As a smoking cessation aid.

Most people will know that St John’s Wort is primarily used to treat depression. However, some research suggests that this herb can also help people stop smoking faster.

In one study, a sample group of people who smoked 1 or more cigarettes a day also received St. John’s wort (450 mg capsules 2 times a day) and smoking cessation guidance.

After 12 weeks, 45% of the target group had successfully quit smoking.

How to stop smoking naturally with lifestyle changes

When looking for ways to quit smoking, we should focus on modifying our lifestyle. Some useful tips include:

  • Get your vitamins and minerals by eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Avoid consuming anything that increases blood acidity such as sugar and highly caffeinated products as they will exacerbate your withdrawal symptoms.
  • Practice meditation techniques, the link provides a useful guide or there are many other online resources.
  • Exercise – get plenty as it reduces the stress associated with withdrawal and promotes relaxation.
  • Drink plenty of water – Dehydration is one of the major factors in increased cravings.
  • Relax – Allow your body to detox and eliminate any toxins from smoking nicotine from your system.

These techniques can be used independently to stop smoking naturally or you may want to use them all in your smoking cessation plan.

If you try any of these please write back and let me know how you get on. Or if you have other methods or stop smoking products that work for you please let me know.

Wishing you the best of luck with your personal smoking cessation plan and your health.

How To Stop Smoking Naturally (Quit Cigarettes Today With 5 Herbal Remedies)


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