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It’s a Quick Meditation in an Age of Supplement Overwhelm

What makes Calm+ unique is that it combines this foundational ingredient for long-term stress resilience with uplifting actors like hempseed oil and lavender oil. * They do this through the endocannabinoid system, thereby involving the body’s master regulator calm down3—and fast.* The effect of lavender on stress doesn’t get as much attention, but it really should: In neuroimaging studies, extracts of the flower have been shown to interact with key brain receptors that provide Calming, Anxiety-Reducing Benefits 4,

When combined, these ingredients work to provide an instant sense of calm amid the craziness while helping to build a solid foundation of long-term stress resilience. Colleen Wachob, co-founder and co-CEO of mbg, says, “Taking Calm+ daily helps me deal with stressful situations — a crying baby, a stressful meeting, or a turbulent flight — with a little more ease. ” ,[It] Has a pronounced calming effect on my body and mind that lasts all day.”

Calm+ can be taken at any time of the day or night. Holistic chef Laura Lee chooses to take the supplement before bedtime, since that’s when her mind usually races the most. “After three weeks of consistently sober + early evenings, I felt less stressed at bedtime, and it was easier for me to turn off my mind,” she notes. Reviewer Martha Fischler chooses to pick her up in the afternoon on days when she knows she has a lot on her plate. “When I do, the supplement helps me approach challenges and obstacles from a more balanced place. It helps me calm my feelings of anxiety and frustration, helps me make good decisions, and spend the day with a positive mood.” frees for,”* he comments.

Overall, Calm+ customer Mark W writes in his review, “This formula is phenomenal for improving one’s response to the daily stresses of life that are ubiquitous in today’s world.”*



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