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My Go-To Snack When Hunger Strikes | Wit and Delight

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We all know the feeling of getting hangry. You know, when your stomach starts growling and your head starts pounding. You might say something you’ll regret later (raises hand). And if you have little ones (kids) in the house, you learn to get ahead of the hungry very quickly, before they’ve had a snack. A hungry kid is a stick of dynamite ready to explode!

I’ve learned to always carry snacks for them Every moment. But what about me? to be honest sometimes I A snack is more than they need (and they’re always quick to point it out). So when I hear “mom do you need breakfast” I’m ready! I was recently introduced to Lorissa’s Kitchen. These savory snacks are perfect for people on the go. The snacks are the perfect balance of nutrition and flavor and are easy to throw in your purse for later when you need them, which is great for my life these days.

Here are some more reasons to grab Lorissa’s Kitchen for yourself:

they are a good source of protein

After learning a little about too much, I’ve been searching for a protein snack that will help me feel satisfied between meals. I feel like I’m always on the run for the next activity, so I want a snack that will give me energy through the day. Lorissa’s Kitchen snacks are a great source of protein and perfect for! I’ve found that reaching for protein instead of another cup of coffee boosts my energy levels and is better than a hit of caffeine or sugar.

simple material

Over the years, I’ve become a little pickier about what I eat. While I don’t follow a specific diet, I try to eat when I’m hungry and … eat things made from whole foods, not chemicals. We had a lot of problems with kids and food sensitivities, so I became a fanatical label and ingredient reader. I’m thrilled that Lorissa’s Kitchen snacks are made with simple ingredients. I love bringing these snacks out during playdates or hanging out with friends knowing they have no added preservatives, no nitrates or nitrites, and are gluten-free and keto-friendly.

Snack plate with salty snacks, vegetables, cheese, crackers

A snack with bold flavors

I love food, and I appreciate bold flavors. Lorissa’s Kitchen does not disappoint in this department! Their snacks are full of flavor, but they’re not overdone. They’re the perfect balance of salty and sweet, which makes them irresistible! My favorite product they offer is the JalapeƱo Beef Stick!

There are a lot of snack products out there, so I hope this helps you navigate through it all and find something that satisfies you at snack time, tastes amazing, and is thoughtfully made. We all deserve snack time that isn’t eaten in the car or while standing in the kitchen. So the next time you get hungry, I hope you have something good like Lorissa’s Kitchen waiting for you.

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Lorissa's Kitchen with cheese, crackers, tomatoes on a butcher board with packaging on a cutting board

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