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Recovering from accident…

Dear Healing Prayer Group,

Some of you have heard that I had a car accident on Saturday, December 3rd at 3:40 am on the way to the airport. So I never went on my trip which was announced in my previous blog.

It was raining and it was pitch dark and my husband Bhim had to brake at a point only a few minutes away from home. But the car didn’t stop… the insurance adjuster said it looked like the brakes had failed… alternatively, a trusted mechanic told my husband that old tires (even if they look good and have good tread Ho) can leave a tiny bit of your rubber as a powder when a hard stop… and the effect is like someone hitting black ice. That makes sense to me. My tires looked fine – but they were old as I don’t put very many miles on the car.

The car drove across the road and onto a kind of ledge. It felt real. We were airborne. There are very few moments in life when you never know what the next moment will bring.

The owner of the tow truck said to me a few days later – “How well you flew!” They said it was about 30 feet … and about 15 or 20 feet down.

Once the car landed – to my surprise we were all right. I immediately felt pain in my tailbone and my sternum (from the seatbelt), but I knew it wasn’t serious. Nothing felt broken. So we calmly started texting or calling relatives. It was a remote area so I was glad we had a bit of signal (once). Bheem was able to call the emergency services.

We waited on the side of the road for emergency crews… I was so relieved we could get out of the wreckage…the car was completely destroyed.

Several days later we visited the scene of the wreckage. In the daylight, I saw a large brush pile of willow sticks (not heavy branches or logs) and car hoods plowed into the pile forming a “cave” about 3-4 feet deep… my jaw dropped. The pile of brush was almost as good as a large haystack and kept the car from rolling forward or rolling. I felt a deep sense of God’s protection in this critical situation. That night I had a dream of Swamiji. Some of us were sitting in the meeting and he was giving satsang, talking about having a sense of freedom of the soul no matter what… I woke up with a sense of blessing and gratitude.

A friend suggested that I start back with a part-time schedule for Prayers for the Planet, instead of the usual 7 days a week. It felt right. My tailbone and sternum area are still healing, although they feel much better than before. So here’s the revised schedule through the new year:

I will resume Prarthana Satsang on Saturday, 17th December.

I will take Thursday, Friday and Sunday off for the rest of this year. thanks for understanding.

monday evening prayer for the planet– 7:00 PM Pacific Time – (Closed on 26 December)

Tuesday evening worship 5-6 PM Pacific Time – Prayers for the Planet followed by Prayers for Individuals. (Closed on 27 December)

Wednesdayy afternoon prayer – 1 p.m. (Pacific Time) – Prayer for the planet followed by prayer for individuals.

  • Note: I will lead these Wednesday afternoon sessions every other week; Jeetendra from Anand Online will lead in the alternate week.

Thursday – Closed

Friday – Closed

saturday morning prayer , 8:00-9am Pacific Time – Prayer for individuals after prayer for planets.

Sunday – Closed

ADDITIONAL OPPORTUNITY: For those who are interested – some dedicated members of the prayer group started a section on discord to pray for healing on the days I don’t lead on Zoom. Please feel free to join. is here Link to World Prayer: https://discord.com/channels/947188388006596668/947193238547206174

I’ve asked that group to chime in on the comments below if anyone needs coaching on joining. Joining is easy. let’s see how it goes.

And you can pray as usual at this link: https://www.ananda.org/prayers/

God bless you all.

happy Christmas!

Mary Kretzmann

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry



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