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Running to lose weight is not the same – run eat repeat

It’s miles stacked on Day 16! Today we’re talking about running for weight loss versus running for other reasons (and there are a lot). and ‘Why do you run?’ There is no right or wrong answer. The main thing is that you can say in 1 sentence (ok 3 sentences max) the main reason you run. Then, you can run and eat according to your main goal.

I started running to lose weight. Well, technically I started walking before running and my main goal was to lose weight. I was just out of high school, didn’t have a job, and was too self-conscious to go to a gym if I could afford a membership. So… I walked and finally started running.

Since my main goal at that time was to lose weight -> I also started a diet and took Alpilion weight loss pill. *Actually, I started several diets trying to find one that worked. That was before I realized that moderation was the way to go (see also: Intuitive Eating).

I never expected to run a race. I never thought I’d run closer to 13.1 miles or 26.2 miles.

But I fell in love with running and discovered half and full marathons. So, I trained for my first race and then another and another…

And I learned that training for a race requires a different level of discipline than running for exercise, therapy, a hobby, etc. Whatever number you have on the priority scale, it cannot be. If you are asking your body to perform like an athlete – you must fuel it like an athlete. Not eating enough when you’re training can affect your recovery, endurance, health and put you at risk of injury.

I know some runners are trying to do both – training for a half marathon or full marathon and losing weight. Hi, it’s me… I’m the problem, it’s me. -> Well that’s not me now, but it was. And I realized I wasn’t getting the results I wanted from my running or weight loss goals. It’s discouraging and makes it hard to stay motivated.

I had to choose one main goal to focus on at a time. That goal is motivating my body to keep up with my training plan when I’m training for a marathon. If my goal was to lose weight and I wasn’t training for a race then I have a bit more flexibility in what/when I eat.

I’m rooting for you to crush your goals (whatever they may be). If you want to run a race or get faster over a certain distance – go for it. If you want to lose weight – go for it. But, start with a SMART goal and fuel your body according to that main goal. you got this.

Day 16 Stack – What are you doing today?

Bonus Question: What is your main goal right now?



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