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Student Mental Health Week focuses on rates of stress, anxiety

February 8, 2023 — In the form of mental health issues on the rise among teens and college studentsThere couldn’t be a better time for this week’s first Global Student Mental Health Week.

The readiness is quite obvious. A recent study found that approximately A third Students across the world said their mental health has deteriorated since returning to campus following the COVID-19 lockdown.

Together suicide rate On the rise, the campaign, founded by five youth-focused nonprofits, including the This Way Foundation launched by Lady Gaga, the Inspiring Children’s Foundation co-chaired by singer-songwriter Jewel, the Z Foundation, and education-technologist Chegg Seeks. To draw attention to the issue.

“Even before the pandemic, we saw an increase in rates of depression, anxiety and suicide deaths among students,” says Laura Erickson-Schroth, MD, chief medical officer. Jade Foundation, which protects emotional health and works to prevent suicide in adolescents and young adults. “Youth are constantly faced with wars around the world, social and political unrest in our country, and the climate crisis – things that adults never had to deal with when they were teenagers. I don’t think we recognize how much they are dealing with.

Throughout the week, social media live events will aim to help educate policy makers, educational institutions and communities on the mental health challenges facing students. Another goal is to urge students around the world to develop a call-to-action plan with their legislators, all aimed at promoting mental health support.

“Past generations ignored mental health issues, which created a culture where there was a great deal of shame for not feeling comfortable in your own head,” said Mattin, an adjunct and executive director and founder of Harvard University. Khalighi says. ee equal, a youth-by-youth non-profit focused on overcoming student homelessness. “There is a new wave of openness about mental health challenges now. Creating a space where we can talk about it makes us feel less alone.”

Cheryl Odell, a Stanford University sophomore who survived suicide and an adverse childhood, serves on the boards of both the Born This Way Foundation and the Inspiring Children Foundation. For Odell, this week is a seriously important one.

“We all have mental health concerns,” says Odell, who this week as president of the student-run Stanford Mental Health Outreach The group is hosting daily events on the Stanford campus. “The beauty of our generation is that we’re so much more open to talking about these issues. It’s a beautiful thing. Ultimately, opening up and sharing your story is a strength, not a weakness. It shows that you can stand up for who you are.” You have the courage to share what you are going through.”

Ultimately, Erickson-Schroth hopes that the week informs adults as well.

“It’s so important for the adults in young people’s lives to recognize the signs that a young person is going through something that is causing stress and anxiety,” she says. “It is also important for parents to feel that they have the resources to provide support.”

Neil Horen, PhD, director of the Early Childhood Division at the Center for Child and Human Development and director of the HOYA Clinic in the Department of Psychiatry at Georgetown University, hopes this week will help bring more focus to the potential pitfalls that students may face. May have to This is a major developmental stage in his life.

“Going to college can be wonderful or it can be a difficult trek if we’re not paying attention,” he says. “It’s a prime time to recognize that kids are asking themselves ‘Who am I,’ ‘Where do I fit in.’ Furthermore the immediate freedom they experience being away from home is a huge demand for anyone and can lead to mental health challenges which we need to pay attention to.

For more information, visit student mental health week Page.



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