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The Travel Destinations That Inspire Our Top 5 Fantasy Pigments

Taking inspiration from Kyoto, Japan, Kyoto Purple is a deep shade of purple that complements the rich history of this unique place. At AURA, we consider this city a true gem steeped in the traditions, culture and history of Japan.

It’s the birthplace of geisha culture, has more than 400 colorful shrines, and visitors can enjoy what’s called a traditional, multi-course meal kaiseki ryori—but perhaps one of the most enchanting draws to this corner of the world are its gardens.

Designed for both pleasure and relaxation, Kyoto’s collection of serene and well-manicured gardens is simply divine. Cherry blossoms may be one of the more famous local flora, but Japanese wisteria is equally breathtaking. This small but mighty flower can bloom in a rainbow of different colors such as pink, white or blue, but purple is its most iconic iteration. In spring, pops of purple wisteria line the gardens of Kyoto, leaving a whimsical trail of petals at every step. And finally, it’s the unique bloom that inspired our dreamy shade, Kyoto Purple.

When many people think of summer in France, they cannot help but think of the lavender that readily blooms in the countryside. You may have seen dried lavender at the grocery store or even seen some plants in real life, but nothing compares to the endless sea of ​​purple fields in the south of France during the summer.

Many people travel to cities such as Valensole, Luberon and Sault from June to August to indulge in this annual floral event. These summery lavender fields were the vision behind our French Lavender Fantasy pigments.

A dreamy chair sitting in a lavender field with a swatch of hair featuring our French Lavender Fantasy pigment

A destination that is on many people’s travel bucket list, the Arctic is a place full of tranquility and wonder. This icy stretch of land and ocean actually covers seven countries in total—Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, and the United States—so there’s no shortage of inspiration.

In this vast region, you can find everything from polar bears and glaciers to lush tundra and caribou. It all depends on which country you choose as your final destination. At AURA, we didn’t want to choose just one part of the Arctic.

The one constant that unites the region is a soft, grayish rock that is often under snow or small patches of green. Its striking color stands out against both snow and greenery, making it easy to spot in almost every corner of the Arctic. It’s the color that provided the spark for our best-selling Arctic Gray fantasy shade.

An arctic landscape with a sample of our Arctic Gray pigment

Known for its luscious red wines, it’s no wonder why Sonoma County, California stood as the inspiration for our Sonoma Red Fantasy pigment – a deep crimson hue, perfect for blondes and brunettes alike Is. While many flock to this grape-infused city for a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir, it’s not just the wine that has inspired this popular semi-permanent pigment.

In autumn, this Northern California destination comes alive. Nestled among the rolling hills and valleys along the coastline, the endless rows of vines appear to be a vibrant mix of yellow, orange and of course a rich red. This time of year is not only awe-inspiring, but it is also harvest season, making it the perfect season for sightseeing and sipping.

Two glasses filled with red wine next to a sample of our Sonoma Red Fantasy pigment

Last but not least on our list of swoon-inducing fantasy pigments, we’re taking a trip back to Japan—but this time we’re stopping by Mount Fuji to find the source of inspiration for Fuji Fuchsia. This hot pink pigment doesn’t get its name from the mythical mountain itself, but is instead dedicated to an annual festival Shibazakura Flowers (pink moss or phlox moss in English).

With Mount Fuji as its backdrop, the Fuji Shibazakura Festival takes place in the spring when this fuchsia-colored flower is at its brightest bloom. About 800,000 stalks of shibazakura of five varieties are on display, producing dazzling fields of pink and purple in various hues. Pink moss flowers, pop-ups selling Shibazakura-themed souvenirs, food and local products round out this inspiring experience.

A field of pink shibazakura flowers next to a sample of our Fuji Fuchsia Fantasy pigment

Mentally, we’re taking a trip to each of these destinations—so while we can’t go there in person, pick up a pigmented mask to match your getaway of choice. Whether you’re looking to take a road trip to wine country, an arctic adventure, or somewhere in between, you can explore the endless color possibilities with our entire collection of wanderlust-inspired fantasy pigments.



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