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Transitions and Rituals – Awakening Heart and Soul

Everything I have experienced in life has brought me to this moment. I am very curious about what is happening around me because it illuminates what is happening within me.

Both my intention and where I focus my attention determine my experience. Including the seen and the unseen. The physical ‘seen’ world and the spiritual ‘unseen’ world of energy and vibration.

Whatever emerges in the physical realm develops from a similar part in the unseen energetic realm. Everything has meaning.


The balance of the natural expression of life is constantly changing. New growth begins, has its time and finally ends: day to night, seconds to minutes, winter to spring, womb to world and so it goes on.

Infections come in all shapes and sizes. Some turn into milestones, others are more subtle. They can remove people from the known and push them into the unknown.

  • Changes bring new energy, inspiration, innovation, potential. They can create dissatisfaction, disorientation or distress. Relationships can change and feel unsatisfactory.

  • At work, in sports or whatever gives our lives purpose can feel empty and meaningless. It can be uncomfortable but is a great opportunity for growth.

  • We may be disillusioned with who we are now – an internal reset – how has my identity changed?

Welcome to Illusion. We are maturing at the level of the soul. We must let go in order to allow the energy to move.


There is power in using rituals when in transitional phases of our lives. Rituals foster a sense of connection, contentment, and peace in an ever-changing world. They tap into something within that yearns for expression. They can mark the end of something as we begin again.

Meaning and purpose are what make our rituals relevant and valuable to our lives. The key is to be intentional and work from the ground up so that we can establish a link between our heart and body.,

Certain rituals enable us to accept the past and guide us into deeper levels of consciousness.

Ritual practices take you from the normal flow of life into your sacred space. Rituals create their magic through the mystical language of symbolic representation, outside the realm of ordinary space and time.

intentional ritual

Here are some easy steps to get you started. The power of our samskaras is directly related to our intention and will power. There is benefit from creating your own rituals that speak to your soul.

  • attention – Begin and end your day with meditation. It is a way to connect with yourself and with the sacred energy.

    walking meditation Walking in a deliberate and conscious manner can give space to clear the mind, to contemplate, to reflect. A chance to center and connect with yourself and nature.

  • Candle – Light a candle mindfully as a way of ushering light into the world. Lighting a candle provides an opportunity to set an intention ‘in lighting this candle I invite peace and harmony into the world’.
    , use your own words.

    light a candle and blow it out , Extinguishing the flame of a candle represents and honors the end, resolution, or death. In a quiet steady space of light, place a candle and your clear intention and then deliberately extinguish the flame.
    – Every day till it is completed.

  • wind You will use a leaf or a feather for this ‘dedication’ ceremony. You can take it out. Hold the object in your hand. Consider your intention. Discard wings when ready. Blow it out with your hand or wait for the wind to blow. Watch it go away.

    Air is transformative. It represents a magical force that is unseen but powerful, allowing you to shift, release old ideas, and begin renewal.
    – It’s great when you feel burdened.

  • Division Sometimes we just need a moment to transition and switch from one thing to another. Sit quietly with your breath.

    breath (everything you just experienced) and

    exhale (Let go).

    anchor It is accompanied by a word: relax, calm down, release, let go, or some word that helps you transition and orient yourself to the next thing.
    – Repeat as long as your system needs.



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