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Ultimate Runner’s Gift Guide 2022 – Run Eat Repeat

Here’s the ultimate holiday gift guide for runners with ideas and inspiration for the woman or man in your life who has a little bit of everything and a little bit more. This list is categorized into clothing, entertainment, food, health, beauty, home/kitchen, and entertainment. This list was created by a runner, but isn’t just for runners. Your non-running or fitness savvy family and friends will love some of these items too.


Kindle Paperweight E-Reader – Great gift for the book reader in your life who hasn’t switched to an e-reader yet. I’ve heard so many people say that they switched from paper books to e-readers or audio books (Audible) when someone kindly nudged them and it changed their reading lives.

amazon audible gift subscription – I listen to audio books while running, walking my dog, and driving. If you listen to podcasts, you’ll love listening to books on Audible.

Audible Gift Card Black Friday Sale

Layla is the best book by Colleen Hoover – If Kindle and audiobooks aren’t your forte, get it on paperback.

wellness gifts

foot spa with heat and massage – This home foot bath has thousands of 5 star reviews and is on sale right now for Black Friday.

plush mid length robe – I have a light silk dress to wear in the hot months, but I want to wear a plush one after a shower in the cold days. And even though I want a warmth, I also want it to be mid-length because it’s easy to wear while getting ready.

23 & Me DNA Health & Ancestry Testing – It’s 50% off right now! I did this years ago and they keep updating the information. Every time a DNA test is mentioned in conversation, someone says that they want to do such a DNA test, but haven’t yet.

weighted stuffed animal – Plush 5 lb. stuffed bunny to naturally reduce anxiety and help you relax.

Muscle Recovery Bath Soak – A quality Epsom salt bath is wonderful for speedy recovery and relaxation for runners and non-runners alike.

heating pad for neck and shoulders – I’m obsessed with heating pads and I love that this one is made for your neck and shoulders.

beauty gift

silk scrunchies – They are great for preventing hair breakage and making it look cute. I have several and use them everyday when I want to put my hair in a quick bun or pony tail.

Big Hair Claw Clip – These hair clips come in 2 sizes, different colors and are on sale right now for Black Friday.

deep conditioner for hair – This is a sell and one of the highest rated deep conditioners on Amazon. Heads up – the bottle is small, but this is a deep conditioner that you use once a month and not daily. You can use it around 3 or 4 times – depending on the length of your hair.

Home / Kitchen Gifts

glass tea kettle – I use my tea kettle everyday in the colder months. When I got the new one a few Christmas ago – I gave my mom my old one and she uses it all the time.

Yeti Insulated Cup and Travel Mug – These are best for insulating hot and cold drinks. Great gift idea for the person who has everything (yet except quality cups).

Vitamix Blender – It’s 45% OFF NOW!!

Vitamix Immersion Blender – It’s 33% off right now!

running clothes and gear

garmin fenix running watch – Amazon is 43% off for Black Friday now!

RBX Comfy Fleece – I love a super soft and warm fleece or sweatshirt without a hood.

CRZ Yoga Women’s Workout & Lounge Clothes -> This is a link to their Black Friday Sale page with tops, sport bras and leggings

nice sunglasses – aka the most popular running sunglasses in the world right now. If your favorite runner doesn’t own a few pairs yet, this is about to change the way they look at the world. Literally.

Shokz Open Ear Headphones – I bought these for family members who don’t move and they love them. These are great for listening to music, podcasts, books, phone calls, while taking a walk or multi-tasking around the house.

cute garmin smart watch – It’s a handsome fitness tracker and a smart watch that looks like a women’s watch (read: it’s not a very bulky running watch).

Women’s Seamless Athletic Running Shirt – This is a Lulu dupe that I like to run on cooler days.

Colorful Koala Leggings – Amazon has the best Lululemon dupes.

Large tote for gym, running or overnight travel – I love a large tote bag with multiple pockets and a separate compartment for sweaty clothes. It’s similar to the bag I take to local races because I like to have a change of clothes in my car as well as other post-run essentials.

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