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Versace Crystal Noir Makes Me Smell Like An Italian Movie Star

The top notes of Versace Crystal Noir are vibrant: a combo of cardamom, black pepper, and ginger. You are likely to smell these as soon as you spray it. Once it dries down a bit, you are greeted with a floral chaser – smells of gardenia, peony and orange blossom. After an evening out, you’ll find that the scent is reduced to a gentle amber and sandalwood scent – ​​taking the whole experience from spicy and sexy to graceful and soothing.

how i tested it

Lorraine Savini holding the Versace Crystal Noir.

I wore the Versace Crystal Noir to a few evening events – drinks with friends and a few holiday parties. Khushboo felt like it was best paired with a slinky black slip dress, heels and a deep burgundy lipstick (and I did as she said). Compliments poured in, but even without turning heads, I felt confident wearing the scent.

With one spritz shared between both wrists and another on the décolleté, it lasted for several hours on its peppery, attention-stealing scent—before fading out to a delicate and warm floral scent.

After taking it out on several night outs on the town, I saw a TikTok that recommended layering it with Tom Ford Soleil Blanc. I had that in my collection so I gave it a shot and was blown away at how transformative the combination was. It instantly transported this sexy night-time scent to a summer day – adding touches of vanilla and coconut atop the rich floral notes of Crystal Noir.

my honest thoughts

Versace Crystal Noir is not a wallflower. She’s a movie star: elegant, rich, and honestly, a little intimidating. She’s never the one to start something, but she finishes it perfectly, reapplys her lipstick, and is on her way (to the next paparazzi-infested party, no doubt). The epitome of a strong woman in stilettos – Sophia Loren or Gina Lollabrigida.

Given a serious confidence boost, Versace Crystal Noir is my new go-to scent for all things evening. I love how sexy it feels without veering into musky, mature territory (which is often present when we talk about femme fatale scents). It somehow crosses the line between dark and gentle – perhaps thanks to the delicate floral notes that become more apparent the longer you wear it.

I wish I could bottle the layered combination of Versace Cristal Noir and Tom Ford Soleil Blanc. It is more playful and suitable for everyday wear, however buying both and having them daily is unfortunately not an efficient way to live.

where to buy it

Versace Crystal Noir is widely available at both your favorite beauty stores — Sephora and Ulta — as well as many high-end department stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom.



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