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What are auric attachments?

Even though the aura is your natural energetic defense, it is still sensitive to outside energies and auric attachments.

While living your daily life, you may interact with people, places, animals and objects. Energetically you can also interact with energy beings and partially experience different dimensions. So your aura definitely stays busy!

What are auric attachments?

Auric attachment is any external energy that either gets stuck or draws into your aura.

Auric attachments are sometimes seen in the form of hooks, barbs, and sharp objects such as knives and spears.

The object represents the energy of the auric attachment or the energy that created it.

The shape of the auric attunement can describe the energy sent to you or the intention behind the energetic action or results of the object.

Certain auric attachment shapes are more common in certain types of external energy or intention. Hooks, for example, are often seen in psychic attacks where the attacker seeks to drain your energy or damage energy through sudden reactions on you.

How do you get the Auric Attachment?

You can get auric attunement in two ways; inadvertently or intentionally.

unintentional auric attachment

You can get auric attunements by interacting with the energies around you, which are very common. This can happen from a seemingly random event such as visiting a property with heavy energy, watching a scary movie, or being in a busy place with lots of people.

These auric attachments are not intentionally placed in your aura but are picked up from your surroundings. Remember, auric attachments usually look like the energies it represents, so they are not sharp, spear-like, or hooks.

Well thought out Auric Attachment

The most common way to get an intentional auric attunement is when you are under a psychic attack.

A psychic attack occurs when you receive unhelpful energy directed towards you, which can result in negative energy being held or released into your aura. Not all mental attacks are intentional.

Why are auric attachments harmful?

Auric attachments can be harmful because they reduce your ability to protect yourself and your overall energetic balance and higher vibration.

The overall effect of an auricle attachment usually depends on its size and the auricle layer in which it is embedded. Typically the smaller and further away the aura is, the less likely any energetic consequences are.

Some auric attachments, called energized implants, can cause changes in your auric layers, reducing their optimal frequency.

Auric attachments usually do not cause significant energetic and spiritual issues. Instead, they should be viewed as a need for energy clearing, enhancing energetic cleanliness practices, and receiving opportunities for spiritual learning.

How to Clear Auric Attachments

If you maintain a high vibration and practice good energy body hygiene, you should be able to keep your aura free from any attachment.

The best approach is to ensure regular and consistently vigorous hygiene practices. In practice this means working on a regular basis to ensure that your vibration is high and your energy bodies are clear, balanced and strong.

Most of the time, you can clear auric attachments with your intention. Have a focused intention that you are free from auric attachments while focusing on raising your energetic vibration. Maybe use an intent statement like:

‘My energetic vibration is high, and I am free from all attachments.’

If you practice energy healing, auric attachment clearing is easy to incorporate. You can do this by setting a clear and specific intention to let go of any attachment.

If you work with attunement, you should consider Aura Maintenance attunement. Its purpose is to ensure that your aura is free of attachments and energetically well maintained. This attunement can be used alone or in combination with another energy healing or spiritual practice.


Auric attachments are external negative energies that are held within your aura. They can be placed intentionally or picked up unintentionally.

While auric attunements can lower your energetic vibration, they are generally insignificant and can clear up quickly.



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