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What to wear for every type of workout

What to wear for every type of workout

Written by: Amanda Chung


Published On: January 17, 2023

Fashion Editor: Sandra Slussergic

Photo Courtesy of Pilates Class

If your favorite sports bra is starting to look a little sad or the leggings that once fitted like a dream now need to be laced up every five minutes, you’re probably due for a refresh. Besides, it Is It’s resolution season, and the streamlined, sweat-soaked outfits below will make your follow-through that much sweeter. All those who have committed to continuity this month say yes. (Yes.)

low impact

workout outfit

For a gentle yoga flow or a longer, strengthening Pilates session, all you’ll need is a soft matching set, grippy socks and slides, which you can start with after you arrive at class. Bala’s weighted bangles—which can be worn around your wrists or your ankles—add just the right amount of resistance should you want to kick things up a notch. And if you want to work up your sweat while lying down, might we suggest investing in a sauna blanket?

above: hero is good Goop, $95;

hero leggings, Goop, $110;
frame fitness pilates reformer, Goop, $4,249

  1. cordova sweater

    Net-a-Porter, $420

    buy now

  2. bala weighted bangles

    weighted bangles
    Goop, $65

    buy now

  3. hero leggings

    Goop, $145

    buy now

  4. Hairdos Sauna Blanket Bundle

    Sauna Blanket Bundle
    Goop, $655

    buy now

  5. live the process bodysuit

    live the process
    Goop, $218

    buy now

  6. suzy condie sweatshirt

    suzie condie
    Goop, $195

    buy now

  7. suzy condie track pants

    suzie condie
    track pants
    Goop, $225

    buy now

  8. birkenstock sandals

    Goop, $180

    buy now

  9. goop beauty G.Tox 5 Salt Detox Body Scrub

    goop beauty
    G.Tox 5 Salt Detox Body Scrub
    goop, $45/$36 with subscription

    buy now

  10. live the process bra

    live the process
    Goop, $108

    buy now

  11. live the process legging

    live the process
    Goop, $128

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  12. loro piana yoga bag

    they plain
    yoga bag
    Loro Piana, $1,925

    buy now

  13. Pointe Studio Socks

    Pointe Studio
    Net-a-Porter, $35

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high impact

workout outfit

Training for that marathon you’ve always wanted to run. Hitting the mat for cardio-boxing class. Picking up tennis. For a more intense workout, choose thick clothing—with sweat-wicking properties—that will support you through every rep, step or rally. Other goodies: Clear deodorant, designer dumbbells, and a recovery bath soak to soothe weary limbs.

above: live process top, Goop, $118;
live process leggings, Goop, $128;
time goes on, Goop, $695

  1. apple x hermes watch

    apple x hermes
    Apple, $1,249

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  2. Kosas Body Wash

    body wash
    Goop, $22

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  3. tennis hero dress

    tennis outfit
    Goop, $185

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  4. Bala Power Ring

    power ring
    Goop, $89

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  5. Reebok x Victoria Beckham Jumper

    reebok x victoria beckham
    Goop, $200

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  6. CW&T Jump Rope

    skipping a rope
    Goop, $85

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  7. Goop Beauty Fizz.  Ed.  recovery bath soak

    goop beauty
    physical. Ed. recovery bath soak
    Goop, $40

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  8. on sneaker

    On, $159.99

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  9. megababe deodorant

    Goop, $14

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  10. louis vuitton dumbbell

    Louis Vuitton
    Louis Vuitton, $2,640

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  11. Adidas by Stella McCartney Tank

    Adidas by Stella McCartney
    Goop, $95

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  12. Adidas by Stella McCartney Tights

    Adidas by Stella McCartney
    Goop, $130

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