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What Treatments to Ask Your Hairdresser

The world of salon treatments and services can be overwhelming, even for professionals. How can you tell what treatment your hair needs? How do those treatments match or enhance other salon services like color and texture treatments? You don’t need to figure it all out on your own. This guide serves as an answer to those questions regarding OLAPLEX in-salon treatments, because your hair, health and integrity are put first.

OLAPLEX treatments you can get at salon addresses:

  • Make
  • the strokes
  • damp
  • color services
  • fabrication services

While all OLAPLEX products reconstruct hair, they also address the other concerns listed above. Here’s what to ask your hairdresser, depending on your needs.

Make Hair is one of those sneaky hair problems that you don’t really notice until something similar is acting up about your hair. Maybe your hair doesn’t have curls, the products and treatments you usually use aren’t working properly and aren’t working properly. The list goes on, but the premise is that your hair has a build-up caused by things like product build-up, hard water, chlorine, and environmental stress.

Ask for the OLAPLEX Chelating Treatment. This treatment wipes away build-up from the hair while rebuilding the bonds. Many chelating treatments remove hair to remove buildup, but OLAPLEX does so while increasing the integrity of the hair. From heavy metals to chlorine and hard water—this is your go-to intensive build-up removal treatment.

for Damage, we go back to what I said about all OLAPLEX products for the reconstruction of damaged hair. It is true, however, that there is one salon treatment that focuses solely on this, thus making it one of the strongest bond-building treatments available in a salon. OLAPLEX stand-alone treatment is for everyone. Healthy hair, compromised hair, color treated – everyone benefits from healthy hair.

Ask for the OLAPLEX stand-alone treatment to protect your hair from damage. The treatment reconnects broken disulfide bonds, creating healthier bonds and intrinsically stronger hair. This can be done alone, so as a ‘stand-alone treatment’, or with other services.

damp It’s all about staying on top of your hair! We forget that a hair check-in tells us everything we need to know about our hair’s moisture level. Is it rough, crunchy or dry? The second time to get a mask is after a coloring or toning service, with a haircut, or after a period where you know you’ll be exposed to more environmental damage and stress than usual.

Ask your stylist for OLAPLEX 4-in-1 Moisture Mask to banish dryness and rebuild bonds simultaneously.

All color services OLAPLEX needs to be there every step of the way to ensure hair is always improving. OLAPLEX Nº.1 and Nº.2 reduce damage caused by chemicals, rebuilding bonds during processing with color or lighteners.

Ask your colorist to cover all of the OLAPLEX formulations and steps for hair that feels healthy before your color service!

for Texture services, your stylist can perform an OLAPLEX stand-alone treatment prior to service to ensure that your canvas is the healthiest possible for texture change.



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