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What would I recommend buying from Beauty Pie’s festive offer? Advertisement

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

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*This post includes a collaboration beauty pie and gift products

beauty pie* How many things do you do well; Newsletters (I literally read every single one from top to bottom), social media sneak peeks (I look inside the labs), listening to customer feedback (I think nail care might be on the horizon!). but they really Know how to give gifts. This is easily my most gifting brand throughout the year in terms of what I put together for friends and family, but come time for festivals, they always take it up a notch and offer their Huh. Till here more attractive. ,Do you want to see it? Here are my top picks…

My Top Beauty Pie Gifting Picks

,Latest and Greatest Kit – I mean course It was meant to be here, however if it’s still in stock by the time this post goes live I’ll go a banana! 14 full-size items, in 12 packages, with a deluxe-sized EDP, a signature tote bag and a surprise (all presented in a *gorgeous* dark green vanity case) – it features an array of classics old and new. I won’t lie, I want to keep it for myself!

,Co-ordinate Lip and Nail in the Go-To Nudes And evening glamor – These great little sets come in at £25 and contain three full-sized products; A nail polish, a lipstick and a matching lip liner. I feel like these would make a great gift for a Secret Santa recipient who you know digs a little beauty. I have already tested the lip liners, and let me tell you they are the last.

,Fir Balsam, Sandalwood & Sweet Orange Luxury Scented Candle , OK OK If you’re twisting my arm and asking me to pick a favorite here from the list of gift-givers, here it is. I’m generally not a big fan of pine-why Christmas candles give me a spicy condiment any day of the week , but, it bucks the tendency to smell like a car air freshener and instead smells like you’re in a forest, with a mulled wine in front of you that’s warm and packed with orange slices. seriously. If I had to choose one thing, it would be this.

,Angelique’s Letter Eau de Parfum And Fig Tree Of Dalmatia Eau De Parfum – Perfumes are a classic gifting option and these are both new to the BP scene and limited edition. For context I am not someone who loves heavy fragrances, but these two have a light, fruity tone which I think makes them suitable across the board for most fragrance preferences. Angelique’s letter Has a fresh, but slightly smoky aroma with notes of lemon, cinnamon and sweet tobacco dalmatian fig tree Has a fruity, fig scent that blends frangipani, fig wood and vanilla – a good all-rounder.

However, if you prefer to put together your own beauty pie* bundles, I can personally recommend the following which I have gifted to friends many times, and more often than not they come back asking for more. Cheeky, but I’m happy to oblige…

* Soul Providers Body Wash And body scrub – These two products are always the starting point of my gift giving. I’d go for one or both of these and then make a kit out of it. It’s just a little pampering, and SCENT?! Citrus Heaven.

,super healthy skin lip balm – You know when you just find that one fab lip balm? One that nourishes, but isn’t greasy? One that really feels like it does something? This is it. Plus points for the SPF30—great for year-round gifting.

,Redcurrant and Fig Scented Candle – I know you’re tired of talking to me about this candle, but it’s just mine Favorite Candle. End. Also every friend for whom I have bought this has always asked me to order another one for them. It’s a crowd-pleaser for sure.

,100% silk hair scrunchie People need to stop sleeping on these! I think they are one of BP’s most underrated gems! I’ve never gifted these to anyone unless they comment on how life-changing they’ve been. Silk screenings that really hold your hair up. awesome.

,Plantastic Hand Cream – I always keep a tube of this next to my bed so I remember to include it as part of my evening beauty routine. It’s great that it’s not too heavy so absorbs quickly and who doesn’t love hand cream?

,Footopia Foot Cream – it’s just a straight-up foot cream. No bells and whistles, just a simple formula that works and moisturizes your feet with a fast-absorbing formula that leaves your heels super soft.

,Dr Glycolic Foot Peel Socks – ok here’s one Part Kind of as a comical gift because they actually make the skin on your feet fall off as you’re shedding, but they work. This is definitely a topic of discussion. As a nice, little mani/pedi set to throw in with the last two picks and maybe a nail polish of your choice.

remember that beauty pie Currently offering a 30 day free trialOr if you want to sign up for an annual membership, use my code ana edit centum To get £10 off the annual fee!

photos by mark newton



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