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Win a prize for designing a new hairstyle for Kai!

Kai needs a new hairstyle, and we need your help! Over the years we have seen some of the most incredible work created by OLAPLEX users with the help of OLAPLEX. Now, we want to see what your creativity can contribute to designing a new hairpiece for Kai, a member of our virtual team. We created Kai by taking images of over 240 brand advocates and employees along with the emotional qualities of each individual, merging them into a composite that is an accurate, bias-free visual representation of the entire team.

In the spirit of creativity, we challenge you to compete in a design contest for what Kai will wear in Decenterland. The winning design will be turned into an NFT wearable for Kai. The first place winner will receive $2,500 for themselves and $2,500 for a charity of their choice, 10 OLAPLEX products valued at $300 each, and an exclusive interview on OLAPLEX social media channels. No computer or design background? No problem! Our team will turn your hair design into an NFT wearable for Kai! You are welcome to design it using a design program, but it is not necessary at all- pen or pencil and paper is fine!

The second place artist will receive $1,000, plus 10 OLAPLEX products ($300 value) and a shoutout on our social media channels. For third place, the prize is $500, plus 10 OLAPLEX products and a shoutout on @OLAPLEX exclusive media channels. First, second and third place will be determined by public vote, so gather all the best people to vote!

how does it work? Create a hair piece and/or head accessory that reflects your creativity, art and style. Kai represents the OLAPLEX community including you! You will need to submit a 2D or 3D drawing of the front, back, and sides of the hair/head piece. Your submission can include up to 2 different wearable components. Piece 1 is hair and or a helmet, tiara, or hat – note that Piece 1 will replace the entirety of Kai’s current hair. Piece 2 is presented on top of an avatar’s head, for example, a halo.

The design should work with the size of the Decenterland avatar. See the guidelines here: https://docs.decentraland.org/Manufacturer/Wearable/Manufacturer-wearable

Submissions are due by 11:59 PM on October 4, 2022. You must be 18 years or older to qualify and reside in the following countries: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Spain, Italy, Australia, Japan.

The OLAPLEX community is full of talent and the perfect candidates to design Kai’s new hairstyle! We’re so excited to see all of your submissions–it’s going to be a close contest, we already know it!



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