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Wooing – Slow Down to Move Forward – Awakening Heart and Soul

There is a beauty and perhaps bravery in slowing down. We live in a fast paced world, constantly on the run, plugged into our phones, sleep deprived, often in a constant state of fight or flight.

What if by slowing down you improved your quality of life, relationships, and overall well-being.

By varying the pace, it allows space and time for deep self reflection, new ideas to surface, and new connections to be made. Many people think that we have lost access to these deeper states; So how do we do this?

science component

We need to talk about the vagus nerve which acts as the body’s superhighway carrying information from the brain to the internal organs and which controls the body’s response during times of rest and relaxation.

This enables the heart to slow down and sends a message to the brain that we are safe and out of the ‘danger zone’.

The key point is activating the vagus nerve, a remarkable way to bring feelings of calm back into your nervous system after perceived threats.

Calm your mind – Relax your body

Amazing superpower…

If triggered or trapped in fear, taking a deep breath will send a message through the vagus nerve that you are not in imminent danger.

It calms your nervous system. This can be an incredibly effective tool for people dealing with the aftermath of trauma.


The Wu exercise was created by Dr. Peter Levine, founder of Somatic Experiencing®. I discovered Vue during my SE training and found it to be a valuable tool for my clients.

When you find yourself stressed or stuck in triggers, Wooing brings you back to a deeper connection with yourself.

This practice is similar to the Sufi tradition of chanting “Aum” or “Hu”. The vibration created by the wu provides a gentle massage to the vagus nerve. Sound opens, expands and vibrates, enlivening your body, sending new signals to a shut-down or overstimulated nervous system.

  1. sit or stand

Feel the ground beneath supporting and holding you. Then lightly place your awareness on your breath. Breathe in and out slowly.

Foghorn. Imagine a river on a foggy night. The Coast Guard is sounding the foghorn to guide the sailors home safely. Imitate this deep foghorn sound while you make the Vooooo sound.

2. Breathe in.

As, you exhale For as long as you can comfortably exhale, make a sound like a deep foggy sound. Then let it fall. stop Next breath to come automatically. Repeat the process.

3. pause

Pay attention to the effect of sound vibrations (in your chest, arms, abdomen, legs, pelvic floor…). just live with it. Any tingling. Tension. Relaxation… When the expression of feelings can arise, it is only the movement of energy.

The intention is to vibrate the sound so that it travels up to your belly. The more you make the woo sound, it systematically sinks you more and more into your body and the woo keeps deepening your tone like a foghorn. It is a process and may take time to be able to stomach. Respect your process.

change resonance

Wooing can activate deeply ingrained patterns created during trauma. If this sounds too challenging, try some alternate sounds that may be an easier frequency for your system to digest.


Seems like gggrrrrrr, rrrrrrooooaaar or even ummmm Release the energy stored in different parts of your internal organs.



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