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Your Aries February 2023 Horoscope Predictions Are Here

Reading 2023 horoscope for your zodiac sign To see what this year has in store for you, visit or Aries personality profile, Check out our monthly horoscope for other zodiac signs Full February 2023 Horoscope,

welcome to february Aries, At the end of last month, Mars, Mercury, and Uranus all ended their retrogrades. As with any retrograde-related bumps, February offers you the opportunity to lay down, kick off your shoes, and enjoy the joy and abundance coming your way. The first important date to note is Sunday, February 5, which brings the Full Moon in Leo and your 5th house of happiness. If you’re partnered or dating, this lunation could indicate a night of hot sex, gossip, and lots of pillow talk. However, the 5th house of pleasure involves more than orgasm. This full moon in bold Leo could see you taking a deep dive into a creative project or treating yourself to a massage. No matter how you spend the night, be sure to do something special for yourself.

On Tuesday, February 7, Vesta, the “asteroid of spirituality”, enters your zodiac sign Aries. Because Vesta represents the union of the sacred and the profane, this transit indicates a spiritual shift in your love life. This can see you enjoying deep intimacy with a sexual partner or, conversely, feeling that you need alone time to grow and expand. When Mercury, the planet of communication, enters independent Aquarius Saturday, February 11You can identify your needs and then communicate them effectively with others.

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All the star signs turn inward, including you, Aries, when Pisces season begins Saturday, February 18, Because Pisces is the last sign on the zodiac, astrologers consider it a time of wisdom, spiritual growth, and even tapping into your psychic abilities. The next few weeks are great for connecting with the ancestors, working with tarot, keeping a dream journal, and in proper Pisces fashion, enjoying a luxurious bath. Especially the New Moon in Pisces Sunday, February 19It’s an ideal time to set goals to deepen your spiritual and self-care practice.

The Pisces New Moon Isn’t The Only Thing The Stars Are Counting On Sunday, February 19, On this date, the romantic planet Venus will enter your zodiac sign Aries. Romance comes easy when lover Venus is in your sign and your first house. Whatever your relationship status, you’re on the right track romantically. However, just because your love life is as it should be, doesn’t mean it’s stress-free. Thanks to the influence of Vesta, which was discussed earlier in the month, February is a time for deep reflection, especially regarding romance. So be sure to keep up your self-care routine and connect with your support system while navigating any spiritual growing pains. You’ve got this, Aries. See you next month.



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